Nerf Battle of the Ads Challenge 2!

Word.  More after the cut – Back in 2010 – Nerf ran a “Battle of the Ads” contest where Nerf fans were invited to create their own videos and post them for a chance at advertisement glory, and a viewing during the Super Bowl.  The winner? It was so successful, that Nerf’s going at itContinue reading “Nerf Battle of the Ads Challenge 2!”


HASBRO ANNOUNCES TOP TEN FINALISTS IN POPULAR NERF “BATTLE OF THE ADS” VIDEO CONTEST Fans Compete to Win $10,000 and a Chance to Have Their NERF Video Air on Prime-Time TV PAWTUCKET, R.I. – October 21, 2010 – For the first time in the history of Hasbro, Inc.’s (NYSE: HAS) NERF brand, fans were ableContinue reading “WORD FROM NERF: BATTLE OF THE ADS!”