Nerf New York Toy Fair – Nerf Rebelle!

I think I’m going to break out what I saw at Nerf over a post or few; let’s start with the Nerf Rebelle: Secrets and Spies line.While I make use of the publicity photos, check out the photos in our own set, found here  – Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow   NERF REBELLE AGENTContinue reading “Nerf New York Toy Fair – Nerf Rebelle!”

Tek Recon: Update #4! – (New video and info uploaded to the Kickstarter page!)

Update from Tek Recon after the break – I’ll put my 2 cents in a little later when I have a bit more time.  But… wow.  The movie start pledges got picked up, and there will be some new products possibly by 2014! To view the latest vid, head over to their kickstarter – Continue reading “Tek Recon: Update #4! – (New video and info uploaded to the Kickstarter page!)”

Nerf Rebelle – Rename update!

Quick news from the Nerf sources: The Nerf Alpha Girl Mission Kit I reported on back in February has been renamed: NERF REBELLE SWEET REVENGE Kit (HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $19.99/Available: Fall 13) The NERF REBELLE SWEET REVENGE Kit is a girl’s best friend and includes the accessories she needs to take onContinue reading “Nerf Rebelle – Rename update!”

Nerf Girls, Foamme Fatales – Delta Phi Lambda’s Secret (Santa) Battle!

In what was a first for me, I went to an all-girl Nerf battle a couple of weeks ago.  A friend asked for some help putting it together, so I brought the materiel 🙂  Thanks to Nerf for supplying the goods!  This was at Illinois State University, courtesy of their Delta Phi Lambda Chapter. Sorority. Continue reading “Nerf Girls, Foamme Fatales – Delta Phi Lambda’s Secret (Santa) Battle!”

Female-centric: Toy blaster companies, you’re missing out!

Happy Sunday (or Monday) y’all.  It’s been tough to pull away from all the Nerf Elite news that’s been exploding across the internet, especially since it looks like the Nerf Retaliator and the Rampage have already hit shelves in some areas.  Not that that’s surprising, as there has always been a hiccup or two withContinue reading “Female-centric: Toy blaster companies, you’re missing out!”