Nerf Girls, Foamme Fatales – Delta Phi Lambda’s Secret (Santa) Battle!

In what was a first for me, I went to an all-girl Nerf battle a couple of weeks ago.  A friend asked for some help putting it together, so I brought the materiel 🙂  Thanks to Nerf for supplying the goods!  This was at Illinois State University, courtesy of their Delta Phi Lambda Chapter.

Sorority.  Nerf Blasters.  I never thought in my years of blogging would I ever put those words together.  Yet, here we are.

Some fantastic highlights:

The Lead Lady who helped set this up on the right, and one of her other sisters on the left.

This.  Nerf.  This.  Thanks for the weapons, Nerf!

Nerf Nitron vs. Nerf Jolt

When you need a base, reuse, reuse, reuse…

We were a bit restricted on space, but we made do.  Setting up a midline and some fortifications using boxes and tables, the ladies shot it out over an hour or two, getting familiar with all kinds of blasters.  Nerf sent along some Nerf Dart Tag (Speedswarm, Swarmfires, Sharp Shots), some N-Strike (Rayven, Barricade), and Nerf Vortex (Nitron, Praxis, Lumitron) for the ladies to try, and it was good.  We didn’t really have a structured game type, just your basic elimination and tag.  I threw out some objectives, but ultimately they did what they were supposed to; shoot it out and have fun

The ladies loved the Nerf stuff to begin with (and some of them already owned blasters so it made my job easier.  I had very little explaining to do on how to use the blasters, and the DPhiL ladies got a real kick out of the glowing magazines, discs, and so forth.  Some of them did have some requests:

–  Hello Kitty Blasters
–  Pink ammo
–  A grenade (you can see these ladies are on track with a good portion of the community out there)

In any event, they had a good time and I was glad they let me be a part of this event.  Hopefully I can make my way out there for another war sometime, as I hear they have both a Nerf club AND an HvZ game that runs.

Thanks Nerf, and thank you to DPhiL!

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