Dart Zone Pro – The Preorder

Dart Zone did it. For weeks they teased the “Dart Zone Pro” line, promising 150′ and incredible accuracy. That was great, but the remaining question was, “how much will it cost?” $180.00. Today, the preorders went live midnight from the looks of it and you can own this yourself. Some of the initial responses IContinue reading “Dart Zone Pro – The Preorder”

Dart Zone Pro – It’s Coming

Dart Zone Pro Reveal in Slow Reveal Dart Zone has been hinting the last few days about a new line coming out this July. Dart Zone Pro. With the hashtag #only1pro and some mysterious angles, they’ve got the attention of the community. The most recent video and more like it are posted at – http://bit.ly/dartzoneproContinue reading “Dart Zone Pro – It’s Coming”