Preview Review: Zing Toys Z-Tek Crossbow

Just some advance pics of a review I’ll be working on soon enough.  Latest air drop from the fine folks at Zing Toys, makers of the ZCurve Bow And Arrow, Hunter Crossbow, and others sent along a sample of their latest offering in the Air Storm line, the Z-Tek Crossbow.  Don’t have time to do a full range test, but it’s a definite improvement over the ZX Hunter Crossbow (which was pretty solid itself). 

For now, some pics.  You folks like pics, right?

Z-Tek Crossbow!  Flip-out bow arms, but the body is EXTENDABLE for a longer stretch!

Before opening

Z-Tek Crossbow
Released!  And comes with a target, too.  Note:  NOT extended as in the above photo.


  1. It has two! One acts as a safety release (it's an extra safeguard when pulling the zart into position) and then the proper trigger that fires the zart. You pull the safety first and then the proper trigger with each shot.


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