Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator and Rampage Range/Demo follow up videos

Thanks for stopping by!  I had some more time, so I took the Nerf N-Strike Retaliator and Rampage out for some additional testing.  I wanted to look at performance depending on using original streamlines vs. Elite, original Nerf N-strike blasters vs. Elite, and so on.  I decided to just make one gigantic video, but have no fear!  The link to each pertinent section follows.  And yeah, I kept the Retaliator barrel on for its firing.  I’ll do another vid without it soon, but in the meantime:

Handy dandy timing break down for the video-

  • Rampage w/Elite darts and 12 round magazine – 1:33
  • Rampage w/original streamlines and 12 round mag – 2:09 
  • Nerf Raider w/12 round mag and original streamlines – 2:51 
  • Nerf Rampage w/12 round mag and Firefly Tech darts – 3:02 
  • Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 w/Dart tag darts – 3:23 
  • Nerf Clear Recon (stock) w/Elite darts and 6 round magazine: 3:46
  • Nerf Elite Retaliator w/6 round mag, Elite darts – 4:21 
  • Retaliator w/18 round magazine (Nerf Stampede’s), Elite darts – 4:36
  • Nerf Elite Retaliator w/35 round drum mag and Elite darts – 4:51

There’s still more to do, such as checking the ranges and accuracy without the barrel (personally, I like the looks so I kept it on) and a general opinion on the Elite line.  But, that’s another blog post.  As for today, enjoy seeing what the blasters shoot like 🙂

Now that the video is done, I’ll be updating this post in a few minutes with pictures as well.  Stay tuned!

It’s over! Results to follow – Nerf Dart Tag League 2011


“It’s teams “Furies” and “Legit Northwest” in the #NerfDartTag World Championship 13-17yo finals!”

The finals have since happened, and NDTL 2011 is over.

Sadly, Lou wasn’t on either team y’all. He’s home now, but well-played to all involved! From what I hear, there’s going to a sweet highlight reel and other assorted pics and vids. I’ll put up what I can here, when I have something made available to me.

On to 2012! Train hard, hopefuls!


Hasbro’s 2011 NERF DART TAG World Championship Searches for Top NERF Athletes in the First Ever Players’ ‘Draft’

The NERF Brand Teams Up with ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Calls for Entries Starting Today as the Completely Redesigned Blaster Line for the Popular Action Sport Hits Shelves

PAWTUCKET, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hasbro, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: HAS) NERF brand announced today that the annual, much-anticipated NERF DART TAG World Championship will take place at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex near Orlando, FL., August 19-21 at Walt Disney World. For the first time, players from across the United States will have the chance to be “drafted” to the World Championship where they will challenge fellow athletes from around the country and battle for NERF fame and $25,000 per team, per age group.

“The major changes to the 2011 competition, our alliance with ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and completely redesigned DART TAG equipment give this unique sporting event the spotlight it deserves and make the NERF DART TAG experience more accessible to our diverse community of NERF athletes across the country.”

To be considered for the DART TAG ‘draft,’ prospective NERF DART TAG athletes are invited to visit WWW.NERF.COM and explain how they embody the ‘It’s NERF OR NOTHIN’’ motto and why they have what it takes to be a DART TAG Champion, and answer a series of questions regarding their athleticism, favorite NERF blasters, and playing style and strategies. On “Draft Day” – August 1st – fans will find out if their responses have landed them a spot in the 2011 DART TAG roster. Recruits will then travel to ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to compete in the NERF DART TAG World Championship, held on August 19-21. Players will be divided into two age groups, 8-12 and 13-17, and then into 16 regional teams.

“The NERF DART TAG World Championship has experienced tremendous growth during only a few years. There are already nearly 15,000 athletes registered for the NERF DART TAG league and it has inspired us to revamp the competition and open it up to our increasing fan base,” said Kelly Stone, Director of U.S. Marketing for Hasbro’s NERF brand. “The major changes to the 2011 competition, our alliance with ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, and completely redesigned DART TAG equipment give this unique sporting event the spotlight it deserves and make the NERF DART TAG experience more accessible to our diverse community of NERF athletes across the country.”

For more information on 2011 NERF DART TAG tournament rules, eligibility, registration forms, and the NERF DART TAG World Championship, visit WWW.NERF.COM.

The NERF DART TAG experience will also be enhanced this year with an updated collection of competition grade jerseys, blasters, and accessories created for ultimate game play. Featuring greater dart capacities and performance, the 2011 DART TAG lineup allows fans to train at their ultimate level as they prepare for the NERF sporting competition of the year. The new NERF DART TAG line hitting shelves today nationwide includes the following:


The first fully automatic DART TAG blaster in the collection, the NERF DART TAG SWARMFIRE blaster, will change the game of DART TAG forever! Players can launch a powerful stream of up to 20 darts, keeping opposing teams at bay. The NERF DART TAG SWARMFIRE blaster is suitable for ages eight years and up, requires six “C” batteries (not included) and will be available for the approximate retail price of $29.99.


Whether you’re getting ready for an offensive or defensive DART TAG play, you’ll be able to stay calm and collected with the new rapid-fire NERF DART TAG QUICK 16 blaster by your side. The NERF DART TAG QUICK 16 blaster sends an intense stream of darts towards the opposition and features an integrated clip system making reloads quick. The blaster includes 16 Velcro Tip DART TAG darts, is suitable for ages eight and up and will be available for the approximate retail price of $19.99.


The NERF DART TAG SPEED LOAD 6 blaster helps keep the intensity of DART TAG game play at an ultimate high. With a new top reloading system and cool, sleek design, players on both teams will have to stay on their toes to keep up with all the fast-paced action and rapid return fires. The NERF DART TAG SPEED LOAD 6 blaster includes six Velcro Tip DART TAG darts, is suitable for ages eight and up and will be available for the approximate retail price of $12.99.


Get ready for a DART TAG game wherever you go with the NERF DART TAG SHARP SHOT blaster. This new, lightweight blaster features a carabiner styled clip which can be hooked on belt loops allowing players to always be at the ready for when a battle breaks out. The NERF DART TAG SHARP SHOT blaster includes four Velcro Tip DART TAG darts, is suitable for ages eight years and up and will be available for the approximate retail price of $7.99.

NERF DART TAG 2 Player Starter Pack

Experience the thrill of the NERF DART TAG League tournaments right at home with the complete NERF DART TAG 2 Player Starter Pack! Featuring two DART TAG SHARP SHOT blasters, two sets of DART TAG VISION GEAR eyewear, two DART TAG starter jerseys, and eight Velcro Tip DART TAG darts, the NERF DART TAG 2 Player Starter Pack has everything you and your friends will need to get started. DART TAG jerseys available in either orange or blue; sold separately. The Starter Pack is suitable for ages eight and up and will be available for the approximate retail price of $29.99.

NERF DART TAG Official Competition Jersey

An essential element of the DART TAG arena, each NERF DART TAG official competition jersey, available in orange or blue, features target panels on the front, back, and sleeves, as well as mesh side panels to keep teams cool in the heat of battle. The NERF DART TAG official competition jersey is available in size Small or Large, is suitable for ages eight and up and will be available for the approximate retail price of $15.99. Each sold separately.


Your DART TAG uniform isn’t complete without NERF DART TAG VISION GEAR eyewear. The new NERF DART TAG VISION GEAR assortment includes one pair of VISION GEAR eyewear (choose from orange, black, or white), allowing players to pick the best look to suit their team’s style. Featuring a new flexible rubberized coating to keep players comfortable during play and hinged arms for battles on the go, the NERF DART TAG VISION GEAR eyewear assortment is ready for a DART TAG game anytime, anywhere. The NERF DART TAG VISION GEAR eyewear assortment is suitable for ages eight and up and will be available for the approximate retail price of $4.99. Each sold separately.

NERF NATION can be followed on,, and

About Hasbro, Inc.

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company providing children and families around the world with a wide-range of immersive entertainment offerings based on the Company’s world class brand portfolio. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, video games and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its customers through the strategic leveraging of well-known and beloved brands such as TRANSFORMERS, LITTLEST PET SHOP, NERF, PLAYSKOOL, MY LITTLE PONY, G.I. JOE, MAGIC: THE GATHERING and MONOPOLY. The Hub, Hasbro’s multi-platform joint venture with Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) launched on October 10, 2010. The online home of The Hub is The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

Come see how we inspire play through our brands at © 2011 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

About ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, which hosts more than 300 events a year, is the leading multi-sport venue for amateur and professional sports in the United States, accommodating 70 different sports and athletes from more than 70 countries. Designed to take youth sports to the next level, the 230-acre facility features the ESPN Innovation Lab, a real-world testing ground for the ESPN Emerging Technology Group to develop ground-breaking on-air products like Ball Track and ESPN Snap Zoom, as well as development of its new 3-D television channel. In addition, the complex features 56 high-definition cameras (42 robotic, 10 hand-held and four studio) and 40 high-definition video screens, including three jumbo screens, that can capture and display footage from any event taking place at the complex. The camera and video screens, as well as a 20-zone audio system, are controlled through the state-of-the-art HD and 3-D Broadcast Center that features eight edit bays and links to ESPN facilities in Bristol, Conn., New York and Los Angeles. For more information, visit for press releases, photos and videos. Follow us on Twitter at @DisneySports.

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:

Has this always been here? Nerf Dart Tag 2011!

Ok, so there hasn’t been much said since the announcement of this year’s Dew Tour regarding Nerf Dart Tag. Last year, when the Summer Dew Tour dates were announced the Nerf facebook page coincided a similar announcement, since the past two years the Tour’s Festival Village was the staging ground for the Nerf Dart Tag League regional championships, culminating in the finals at the last stop of the Summer Dew Tour in October. The Nerf Twitter feed said they were keeping things fresh this year, as I was a little despondent over seeing Chicago not on the list of tour stops this go around.

As far as I can tell, there’s something going on with the ESPN Worldwide of Sports Complex in August, for the finals. Anyone who’s bought the new Nerf Dart Tag blasters like the Quick-16, Swarmfire, Speedload 6, or Sharp Shot chances are you saw the sticker on the box about entering a contest for a chance to win a spot at the Nerf Dart Tag World Championships.

So… what now? No idea. I’ve done some digging, and nothing definite turned up. More on the Nerf Dart Tag League as it develops, but everything feels very much in the air except August in Florida!


Howdy, y’all! Alright, so it’s no secret I went to Toy Fair. And no secret I saw the Nerf showroom. And even less of a secret that they sent me a Dart Tag Quick 16! These are scheduled for a Spring release, along with the rest of the new Dart Tag blasters for 2011. It’s already popping up in online stores at $19.99. Shouldn’t be too long now before everything filters in and you can get them off the shelves yourself.

Alright, let’s get to it. The Quick 16!

Right off, functionally speaking this is identical to a Nerf Raider Cs-35. You can see the similarities here:

From Nerf DT Quick 16

In the foregrip, the stock, even the action of the blaster. I say “similar” though because the main attraction of the new Dart Tag blasters is the internal clip.

From Nerf DT Quick 16
From Nerf DT Quick 16

Taking a similar page from N-Strike, the Quick 16 houses its ammo in an internal, attached clip/magazine as opposed to the front-loaded turrets or current removable Nerf N-Strike clips/magazines. The reload is pretty simple; take your Dart Tag darts and line them up with the internals of the clip until they just pop in. If you’re forcing them in considerably, then you’re doing it wrong. Fifteen more times, and you’re good to go. The firing action is identical to an N-Strike Raider CS-35, where pumping the blaster primes the blaster for a single shot or you can hold the trigger down and pump the blaster to engage slam fire.

The blaster’s comfy for me to hold, and I’m 5’7″. Dare I say it I think it feels even a bit more solid and of a stronger plastic than the N-Strike Raider.

I realize I’m drawing a lot of comparisons to the Raider and I wasn’t a fan of the N-Strike Alpha Trooper because of the similarities to a Raider. The underside-oriented internal clip is just enough difference for me that I find this more interesting and worth purchasing even if you already own a Raider.

You reload your darts one at a time, but the tactical implications to me read like this: Pop-pop-pop, cover, reload a bit. And continue. Never unload the entire clip unless necessary, work with a buddy, and keep your ammo handy to reload on the fly.. I’ll probably make a video of this later. The underside placement of the mag gives me the comfort I wanted out of the Trooper, as the included 35 round drum mag on a Raider feels awkward at times, and I also feel a faster and handy reload mechanism. Back to carrying an ammo pouch, and not fumbling with pockets full of mags. Even better, this thing will fire most types of darts. Assuming proper placement of the dart in the clip and the dart is in good condition you should be able to use anything BESIDES STREAMLINE DARTS, which not fire out of a Quick 16. Interesting side note, there are no tactical rails, and none of the N-Strike stocks I tried out would fit the rear portion of the Quick 16. It was wider, and not accepting of the connectors.

From Nerf DT Quick 16

In any event, I really dig the Quick 16 and intend to get the rest of the new Dart Tag blasters. The internal clip is definitely a different way to play, and adds a nice little change of tactics than what the N-Strike mags and current blasters offer right now. I am looking forward to seeing how the new blasters affect the landscape of the NDTL. Even more interesting, the box says the NDTL will be on ESPN this year… VERY INTERESTING INDEED.

Big thanks to Nerf for sending me this blaster! I appreciate getting a look before they land in stores!

Ready, Aim, NERF!

– @VasTheStampede

Toy Fair 2011 Series of reports – 1st stop, Hasbro/NERF! #TF11

Hard to believe it was only two weeks ago that I was standing at Toy Fair, in New York City. Armed with a gift for gab and a media pass, I had managed to write and take FoamFromAbove from an obscure niche Nerf/foam dart shooter hobbyist blog to an obscure niche hobbyist blog with enough credit behind it to warrant a media pass at one of the largest toy industry-only events in the US. Rubbing shoulders with the bigwigs and looking at toys months before they hit the stores. A lot of the stuff here might not see a store shelf or retailer until Fall 2011.

I could go on at length about this, but nobody needs to know that. You’re here to read about the toys! I visited a LOT of companies, but anyone who’s followed me for some time knows where HAD to go.. Hasbro. For the past couple of years, 2 NDTLs, one Stampede major release later, I had to visit with those that knew me first. I saw everything! As you can tell from the various galleries (, Hasbro rolled out a lot, and I didn’t even snap a photo of EVERYTHING. Pertinent to the blog, there is a slew of foam weaponry coming out in the form of Thor, Captain America, and of course, Nerf Dart Tag and N-Strike/???.

The Thor movie is going to send out some new melee weapons in the form of foam and electronic versions of Mjolnir (both super soft, see my videos @, a sword and shield set, and a spiffy helmet befitting a Norse god of thunder. Captain America’s going to get a disc-shooting shield, flywheel powered, awesome embodied. Somebody get me two. Cap’s also going to have a half-helmet to match, something to keep the costumed hilarity going.

The Nerf Dart Tag line gets bolstered, with releases of the Speedload 6, Quick 16, Sharp Shot, and Swarmfire. Full details are here: Personally, my favorite out of the bunch is the Swarmfire, but the Quick 16 and Speedload utilize a new breech/internal clip system which should fit well with any arsenal, Dart Tag or N-Strike. How these new blasters will change the landscape of the NDTL this year remains to be seen; the furyfire has been the standardized equipment for two years now, and this would be a good time to see some change and upheaval in the interest of keeping things fresh. The Determinators have made it two years in a row and new blasters may be just what the champs need to keep’em sharp and guessing if they return this year.

N-Force has already had the Klaw Hatchet and Vantage Sword pop up and officially added to their lineup, but what’s to come was fantastic. I’ve seen some calls for spears and the like in conversation and on forums, so the new Vendetta double-sword, totalling at around 5’ long at full extension is going to hopefully answer those requests. It splits into two swords (hence the “double” of the moniker) and clicks together to make a staff/spear of sorts. Pretty cool looking, to boot.

And what about N-Strike? Supposedly a new line called the “Vortex” line is going to be a whole new slew of innovative gameplay blasters, precluded by the “Gear Up” series of tiger-striped blasters: the Barricade Rev-10, the Raider CS-35, Recon CS-6, and the Maverick Rev-6. Much like the “Clear the Way” clear series of blasters preceded the Stampede. They were tight-lipped on the technical details about the upcoming Vortex line, so look for new details later this year at This Very Blog on hopefully something new.

There were reports of Nerf looking to expand into accessories and fashion, and sure enough I saw headphones, a Nerf alarm clock (already spotted at Target), shirts, hats, and sneakers. Keep your eyes open, @NerfNation… I sense a change coming!

I also got to look up close at the new Super Soakers, but considering it’s still at just-freezing temps in Chicago I have not been able to properly test any of them and ya know, no water inside the showroom lol. They look and feel great though, can’t wait for the weather to get warmer! In any event, it was a great time inside the showroom and I look forward to what the next year will bring from Hasbro and Nerf!

Some items of note through the rest of the Hasbro showroom were some of the new merch coming from the Transformers, toys based on the upcoming “Dark of the Moon” movie – a new voice changing Optimus Prime helmet complete with glyph scarring, a
toy blaster that fires Nerf darts, bunches and bunches of new figures from Marvel, Star Wars, and Beyblade, a new Ricochet remote control car, and… wow. Just so much! Seriously, if you haven’t already just look at the gallery:

Speaking of Star Wars, I think my favorite piece of non-Nerf related gear is the new lightsabers –

From ToyFair2011 – Hasbro Showroom

Pretty good, right? Compared to the $100+ for the master replica types in stores right now, the $35ish price tag on these beauties is looking pretty good!

Stay tuned, I’ll have a few more reports and observations from #TF11 continuing.