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Fans Compete to Win $10,000 and a Chance to Have Their NERF Video Air on Prime-Time TV

PAWTUCKET, R.I. – October 21, 2010 – For the first time in the history of Hasbro, Inc.’s (NYSE: HAS) NERF brand, fans were able to showcase their passion for NERF gear and game play in front of a national audience. Today, the NERF “Battle of the Ads” contest, which received nearly 1,500 submissions to its website www.NerfBattleoftheAds.com revealed the top ten finalists whose videos will be considered to receive $10,000 and air during prime-time television next month as part of the NERF brand’s official TV campaign.

“The quality and creativity of the over 1,000 videos we received for the “Battle of the Ads” contest made it incredibly hard to narrow it down to just ten,” said Kelly Stone, U.S. marketing director for NERF at Hasbro. “Entries were sent from fans of all ages from all over the country. The submissions were as diverse as the NERF brand itself, but there was one underlying theme connecting the top ten finalists: IT’S NERF OR NOTHIN’!”

Throughout the summer, fans and amateur film-makers were encouraged to submit their videos featuring one or all of the brand’s N-STRIKE, N-FORCE, DART TAG, SPORTS, and SUPER SOAKER segments. A montage of the top ten NERF “Battle of the Ads” entries will air during “American Dad” on FOX, November 14 at 9pm EST. Fans will have to tune into FOX again on November 21 at 8pm EST to see the winning video during “The Simpsons.”

Videos were judged based on factors including public vote, creativity, enthusiasm, and use of NERF products. The top ten NERF “Battle of the Ads” finalists, in alphabetical order, are:


Ben Boutwell – The Chase – Winnsboro, LA

Benjamin Radford – Elevator Ambush – Hendersonville, NC

Charlie Heller – Super Awesome NERF Showdown – Princeton, NJ

Dylan Bitton – Operation Overboard – Vista, CA

Gerhardt Slawitschka – N-STRIKE The Movie – Stone Mountain, GA



Jeremiah England – It’s Ageless – Olathe, KS

Ryan Summersett – The Alleyway – Austin, TX

Stephen Pfeil – Lock N’ Load – Hammond, LA

Steven Mee – NERF Perfect – Yucaipa, CA

Spencer Lowery – The Evolution of Play – Chatsworth, CA

To view the top ten NERF 2010 “Battle of the Ads” contest finalists and learn more about official rules and conditions, log onto www.NerfBattleoftheAds.com. Keep up with all the latest action going on in NERF NATION by following www.Facebook.com/NerfNation, www.YouTube.com/Nerf, and www.Twitter.com/NerfNation.

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I bring forth Conan references to discuss…

Say hello to the Nerf N-Force “Marauder”. Modeled after a two-handed European longsword, this is a follow-up to their smaller and thinner “Shadow Fury” and “Thunder Fury” swords which looked patterned after Chinese longswords. This one is bigger, thicker, tougher, and crazier. It measures at close to 3’5″ from tip to the bottom of the pommel, while the blade is a little over 2″. It’s weighty, too. I can’t attest if there is an internal plastic rod adding support to the blade, but it does feel plenty sturdy. It doesn’t flop around like the original models would, for sure.

One inherent flaw with the original swords was they got beat up. Fast. The foam would scuff easily, the blades were a lot more spaghetti-like under vigorous usage and while awesome, there is a certain point where they just got destroyed. BUT, they were one-handed and it was easy to go double-swords. That and they looked cool. If you managed to even block darts shot at you, all the better.

The Marauder improves on some of these issues. The foam is dense and thick. The outside is a bit glossy, I think to assist with the scuffing the original swords suffered. But it’s heavy and tough to wield one-handed, like a normal longsword. You swing slower, but you have reach over anyone armed with a Fury-series. Definitely do your research when trying to figure out how to use one of these. Like the warning says, DO NOT JAB OR POKE AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS.

Had to throw that in, because it’s written on the sword. Don’t be dangerous with it. Or a douche.

Durability wise, I am concerned about the section where the hilt connects to the blade. It’s the smallest portion of the blade, and probably where a lot of stress will focus during swings and blocks. Just an observation. The rest of the toy, from the handle, the blade, the foam, it’s much denser foam this go around, and I look forward to using it. If your games allow swords to block darts, go nuts with the larger surface area. Just know the weaknesses of using a longsword as well, if you choose to go that way. I don’t intend to carry a primary with this, maybe a pistol splat if anything. It’s ungainly to carry and with the speed a nerf round can go, drawing it is very unlikely in time against anyone closing in on you worth their skills. You’d have better luck running around with it unsheathed if that’s what you choose to do.

It’s listed at $25-$30, and if hand to hand is turning into your cup of tea, join the N-Force and grab one! Questions? Comments? Lemme know.

P.S.- Big thanks to the “Wicked MC” for passing this my way!