Press Release info on the Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8

Just what the title says!

(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: Fall 2012)
The NERF DART TAG SNAPFIRE 8 blaster features one-hand firing, an essential element when players are on the move during competition battle.  This semi-automatic blaster allows competitors to load darts into the front and then cock and fire darts as the front barrel revolves with each trigger pull.  The DART TAG SNAPFIRE 8 blaster also enables players to adjust the tension level for increased speed and distance.  Includes 8 Velcro tipped DART TAG darts.  Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on  “

Still getting through pics and vids, so… here’s what you get for now!

Hasbro Nerf Showroom 2012!

Hey all!  Back from the Nerf/Hasbro showroom, and while I have plenty of photos, wifi in the hotel = not so good.

I can do a few photos at a time, and for now here’s some of the good stuff.  Most notably, the only new blaster on hand was the Snapfire 8.  8 shots, Dart tag line, and a trigger pull primes the blaster, rotates the turret, and there is a bottom dial on the handle to determine range vs. rate of fire.  Videos to follow, once I get a better connection!

In the meantime enjoy some of the new photos.  Also notable, a new Snake Eyes foam sword, The Furyfire GI Joe redo, and the BBB and Captain America blaster for The Avengers.  We also saw new Hulk hands, that had no sound, but were foam, not the pillow versions previously out there.

Holiday Buying Guide – Dart Tag! (PT 1) to follow: Nerf N-Strike, Vortex, N-Force,

Man!  Here we go with what’s out and my thoughts on some blasters currently out there on the market to give people a heads up on what to think about when looking for a toy for your kid.  As I work mostly out of pocket, I can’t provide an opinion on EVERYTHING, but I’ll do what I can.  As Nerf’s been one of the more forthcoming companies providing samples and info, here they are.

2011 was HUGE for Nerf.  They released something for all their current lines:  Dart Tag, N-Force, N-Strike, and their newest addition to the Nerf blaster family, the Vortex.

Nerf Dart Tag used new blasters in their tournament this past summer, and the line got a revamp.  The Swarmfire, Quick 16, Sharp Shot, and Speedload 6 are what the Dart Tag line looks like now, and they’re all pretty good additions.  Quick note: STREAMLINES DO NOT FUNCTION IN DART TAG BLASTERS.  THEY DO NOT FIT THE BARRELS PROPERLY.

The Swarmfire is a battery-operated turret blaster, loaded up to 20 darts at max capacity.  It was surprisingly strong right out of the box, definitely on the high end of the 30′ you could estimate for ranges on this blaster.  While reload is a pain in the butt, the rate of fire and range balance it out.  You can find it for $29.99 at most retailers.  It comes with ammo, removable stock, and runs on 6 “C” batteries (not included.)  It can fire pretty much any type of dart, but streamlines I’ve seen have the worst performance. 

The Quick 16 is my favorite blaster of the Dart Tag line.  I’d already done a review of this blaster earlier, for your reference here it is:  FOAM FROM ABOVE – QUICK 16!
$19.99 at most retailers, and between the ergomonics and the solid construction, is a fine gift.

The Speedload 6 is what you could say is mid-level blaster, having only 6 shots before emptying.  At $12.99 is not a bad price, but considering you get similar ranges and 7 more dollars will get you 10 more shots per reload it’s a toss up which blaster you want to get.  Ultimately what it boils down to is whether you like the slide priming mech on the back like a Nerf N-Strike Recon, or the foregrip/slam-fire action like an N-Strike Alpha Trooper or Raider.  Depending on your preference, that should determine your final decision.  I like the Speedload’s heft, but it is definitely a tough blaster to holster and use as a sidearm.

The Sharp Shot is the pistol-type blaster of the Dart Tag line.  Not much to report, it’s a single-shot blaster that has a slide on the back of he blaster you use to prime it.  It comes with 3 darts, and costs $7.99.  If you’ve seen one pistol, don’t expect too much different out of this.

There are some additional bells and whistles, like individually sold eye protection vision gear in orange, black, and white at $4.99, and a separate “official” jersey just like you’ve seen in the Nerf Dart Tag League videos and commercials, for $15.99.

A good start so you can purchase though is the two-player starter for $29.99.  It comes with darts, two Sharp Shots, two pairs of vision gear, and a couple of dart tag jerseys (different from the ones sold separately).  If your kid’s looking for a friend to play with, this is a good way to have supplies to get started!

 My favorite thing about the Dart Tag line in general is the reloading mech.  Some people really don’t like it, preferring the fast-reload of the N-Strike clips when under fire.  I found once you get the knack for it, using the integrated clips on the Speedload or Quick 16 is just as effective, especially since it eliminates fumbling with extra pouches to accommodate additional clips.  Keep feeding your clip a steady stream of darts between bursts and all you need is to carry your blaster and your ammo.  The Swarmfire does have its reload-on-the-fly issues being a turreted blaster, but the ranges are amazingly good right out of the box.  Angled, I was surprising a good number of people who used modded blasters.  For what they were priced, I was pretty satisfied with what I got.  Happy hunting!

NERF Dart Tag – how to play!

A quick Nerf “how-to” video on playing Nerf Dart Tag. Make sure you’ve got your equipment, and you’ve got your friends! Sounds like the scoring might be different (no points per tag on opposing team members are mentioned) but maybe getting to the tournament proper will change that. In any event, game on!

Speaking of sports….

Apparently this year’s ndtl finals might be in Florida, at the espn sports complex? Going to investigate, back on this when I have something more definite!

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Howdy, y’all! Alright, so it’s no secret I went to Toy Fair. And no secret I saw the Nerf showroom. And even less of a secret that they sent me a Dart Tag Quick 16! These are scheduled for a Spring release, along with the rest of the new Dart Tag blasters for 2011. It’s already popping up in online stores at $19.99. Shouldn’t be too long now before everything filters in and you can get them off the shelves yourself.

Alright, let’s get to it. The Quick 16!

Right off, functionally speaking this is identical to a Nerf Raider Cs-35. You can see the similarities here:

From Nerf DT Quick 16

In the foregrip, the stock, even the action of the blaster. I say “similar” though because the main attraction of the new Dart Tag blasters is the internal clip.

From Nerf DT Quick 16
From Nerf DT Quick 16

Taking a similar page from N-Strike, the Quick 16 houses its ammo in an internal, attached clip/magazine as opposed to the front-loaded turrets or current removable Nerf N-Strike clips/magazines. The reload is pretty simple; take your Dart Tag darts and line them up with the internals of the clip until they just pop in. If you’re forcing them in considerably, then you’re doing it wrong. Fifteen more times, and you’re good to go. The firing action is identical to an N-Strike Raider CS-35, where pumping the blaster primes the blaster for a single shot or you can hold the trigger down and pump the blaster to engage slam fire.

The blaster’s comfy for me to hold, and I’m 5’7″. Dare I say it I think it feels even a bit more solid and of a stronger plastic than the N-Strike Raider.

I realize I’m drawing a lot of comparisons to the Raider and I wasn’t a fan of the N-Strike Alpha Trooper because of the similarities to a Raider. The underside-oriented internal clip is just enough difference for me that I find this more interesting and worth purchasing even if you already own a Raider.

You reload your darts one at a time, but the tactical implications to me read like this: Pop-pop-pop, cover, reload a bit. And continue. Never unload the entire clip unless necessary, work with a buddy, and keep your ammo handy to reload on the fly.. I’ll probably make a video of this later. The underside placement of the mag gives me the comfort I wanted out of the Trooper, as the included 35 round drum mag on a Raider feels awkward at times, and I also feel a faster and handy reload mechanism. Back to carrying an ammo pouch, and not fumbling with pockets full of mags. Even better, this thing will fire most types of darts. Assuming proper placement of the dart in the clip and the dart is in good condition you should be able to use anything BESIDES STREAMLINE DARTS, which not fire out of a Quick 16. Interesting side note, there are no tactical rails, and none of the N-Strike stocks I tried out would fit the rear portion of the Quick 16. It was wider, and not accepting of the connectors.

From Nerf DT Quick 16

In any event, I really dig the Quick 16 and intend to get the rest of the new Dart Tag blasters. The internal clip is definitely a different way to play, and adds a nice little change of tactics than what the N-Strike mags and current blasters offer right now. I am looking forward to seeing how the new blasters affect the landscape of the NDTL. Even more interesting, the box says the NDTL will be on ESPN this year… VERY INTERESTING INDEED.

Big thanks to Nerf for sending me this blaster! I appreciate getting a look before they land in stores!

Ready, Aim, NERF!

– @VasTheStampede

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