Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18!

Not particularly timely, but as some readers know Nerf sent me a Rayven CS-18 to have a look at.  It comes with 18 Firefly tech streamlines, Firefly tech magazine, and the blaster, all for $29.99 at most stores.  
First, it comes in a pretty sweet bright green paintjob.  I haven’t checked it under a black light yet, but I imagine it would come out very well.  Besides that, the magwell is situated behind the trigger in the “bullpup” configuration.  As a former Counterstrike addict, the first pic is the first thing I wanted to do when I got it.  Steyr-Aug 🙂
Which brings me to my next point, the blaster is super comfy to hold!  Even one-handed, the “stock” rests well against my shoulder, and the triggers are easy to reach.  Clearly, whether you want to use this as a rifle or a pistol, you’re in good condition either way.  The magazine release is that little orange button right by the magwell, unlike previous N-strike blasters that had the mag release by the trigger or somewhere similar.
Range-wise, you’re still look anywhere between 20′-30′, depending on the quality of your darts loaded.  I did notice that using orange streamlines tended to fire shorter than the Firefly tech white darts.  The blaster wins hands-down though on comfort to hold, and ease to carry.  If you find the 18 round straight magazine a little too clumsy for you, I suggest using the 18 round drum.  If you insist on using the 35 drum, I wouldn’t suggest combining it with this blaster.  Sure the amount of shots is great, but it really counteracts what I think is the main utility of the Rayven, which is portability.  Better to save the big drums for the bigger blasters.  I don’t even like using a 35 round drum on the Alpha Trooper.
Is it worth the price?  I think it’s worth adding to any arsenal.  It’s another flywheel blaster, but the Barricade proved that the concept works how Nerf does it, and even moreso that you have a faster reload with a magazine system.  On top of that, the glow darts and Firefly tech are pretty gimmicky, but in a good way.  I like to think of tracer rounds or laser bolts firing when I’ve tested the Firefly mag, and the darts are surprisingly brighter than I originally thought they would be for the blaster.  Definitely worth a look, but just make sure on the quality of the ammo, as that especially counts for the Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18!
Now for some usage video:

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