Nerf N-Strike Elite – Hailfire video!

Some video on the Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire at its launch in NYC:


Price: $39.99
Propulsion:  Flywheel
Batteries: 4 AAs
Ammo:  Streamlines (original, or new “Elite” version)
Range: Up to 75′ (assuming usage of Elite streamlines)

  • 8 magwells on a rotating carousel, loaded with anything from 6-35 round drums (spacing of magwells limits amount of mags of what kind)
    • Suggested configuration is 8 x 18 round magazines for a total of 144 shots before having to reload.
  • Handle on the front muzzle that rotates the carousel when a mag runs empty
  • Tac rails
  • Accelerator trigger to start flywheels
  • Hooks for bandolier connection
  • Transparent jam door

My initial impressions is this thing is ridiculous.  It was pretty light for me to handle, and the possible amount of firepower before reloading is more than any other dart blaster I know of.  Even the Powerstrike 48 had…. well… 48 shots.  Additionally, the range it was getting angled or flat was close to the advertised range from what I could eyeball even though the way you hold the blaster naturally makes it point up.  In any event, I can’t wait to get my hands on it in the field and look forward to getting a closer look as the release date approaches.  See you all 09/09/12!

Initial Toy Fair Nerf/Hasbro coverage, courtesy of The Toy Spy!

The Toy Spy’s gotten a first look at the Hasbro Showroom before the festivities begin tomorrow; if you want to have a look (including Nerf related goodness) make sure to check out his gallery!  Scroll down to see the Nerf images.


Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18!

Not particularly timely, but as some readers know Nerf sent me a Rayven CS-18 to have a look at.  It comes with 18 Firefly tech streamlines, Firefly tech magazine, and the blaster, all for $29.99 at most stores.  
First, it comes in a pretty sweet bright green paintjob.  I haven’t checked it under a black light yet, but I imagine it would come out very well.  Besides that, the magwell is situated behind the trigger in the “bullpup” configuration.  As a former Counterstrike addict, the first pic is the first thing I wanted to do when I got it.  Steyr-Aug 🙂
Which brings me to my next point, the blaster is super comfy to hold!  Even one-handed, the “stock” rests well against my shoulder, and the triggers are easy to reach.  Clearly, whether you want to use this as a rifle or a pistol, you’re in good condition either way.  The magazine release is that little orange button right by the magwell, unlike previous N-strike blasters that had the mag release by the trigger or somewhere similar.
Range-wise, you’re still look anywhere between 20′-30′, depending on the quality of your darts loaded.  I did notice that using orange streamlines tended to fire shorter than the Firefly tech white darts.  The blaster wins hands-down though on comfort to hold, and ease to carry.  If you find the 18 round straight magazine a little too clumsy for you, I suggest using the 18 round drum.  If you insist on using the 35 drum, I wouldn’t suggest combining it with this blaster.  Sure the amount of shots is great, but it really counteracts what I think is the main utility of the Rayven, which is portability.  Better to save the big drums for the bigger blasters.  I don’t even like using a 35 round drum on the Alpha Trooper.
Is it worth the price?  I think it’s worth adding to any arsenal.  It’s another flywheel blaster, but the Barricade proved that the concept works how Nerf does it, and even moreso that you have a faster reload with a magazine system.  On top of that, the glow darts and Firefly tech are pretty gimmicky, but in a good way.  I like to think of tracer rounds or laser bolts firing when I’ve tested the Firefly mag, and the darts are surprisingly brighter than I originally thought they would be for the blaster.  Definitely worth a look, but just make sure on the quality of the ammo, as that especially counts for the Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18!
Now for some usage video:

Nerf N-strike Rayven! Thanks Nerf!

So, Nerf sent in a Nerf Rayven of my very own!  I will have a review shortly, once I put it through its paces.  Stay tuned!  Also, keep an eye here in February as I am once again making the trip to Toy Fair.  Two years in a row now! 

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