The pistol – the Proton! The box art is a lot more serious looking, if that were possible with Nerf blasters… hah! Also you see a better view of the disc ammo, the indentation to make it look more like a frisbee.

The Praxis, that was previewed in the initial demo video! The disc magazines are going to be 10 shots here, and this is the manual pump-action blaster. Informative box is informative.

First full-auto? What about the Vulcan? Oh wait… first full-auto DISC blaster… The magazine here looks a bit bigger than the 10 shot that comes with the Praxis and there’s a scope and foregrip. Disc successor to the Stampede? Most likely!

AND JUST IN CASE YOU WONDERED WHAT BATTERIES IT NEEDED. 6 C batteries for the blaster, 2 AAA batteries for the scope!

In the demo videos, there was a blaster with an internal magazine. This, is that blaster. Possibly the Recon-ish feel mid-size blaster? Rapid reload makes me wonder if there might be a speedloader accessory in addition to the magazines.

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