New videos from the Nerf youtube channel! Featuring Nerf Vortex and Nerf Elite wackiness

Putting blasters through their paces in a sweet athletic facility.  John Brekus of Sport Science, I presume? Unloading a Nerf Vortex Pyragon in 8 seconds. Did you get YOUR “Battle of the Ads” entry in yet? I’ve got a lot left to do Nerf-wise, but this week’s been kinda nutty in my non-Nerf life.  LotsContinue reading “New videos from the Nerf youtube channel! Featuring Nerf Vortex and Nerf Elite wackiness”

Initial Toy Fair Nerf/Hasbro coverage, courtesy of The Toy Spy!

The Toy Spy’s gotten a first look at the Hasbro Showroom before the festivities begin tomorrow; if you want to have a look (including Nerf related goodness) make sure to check out his gallery!  Scroll down to see the Nerf images. HASBRO GALLERY – COURTESY OF THE TOY SPY!

Nerf Holiday buying Guide Part 2: Nerf Vortex and Gear Up!!

The Nerf brand’s been busy this year, releasing a whole bunch of things.  The N-Strike line had a couple of repaint offerings, in the Gear Up and Whiteout series along with additions to the transparent green Sonic Series (Barrel Break, Barricade, Longstrike, and Stampede) Ultimately, if you know someone who HAS GOTTA catch’em all, thenContinue reading “Nerf Holiday buying Guide Part 2: Nerf Vortex and Gear Up!!”

NERF VORTEX – 09/10/11 hits tomorrow! GET ON IT!

Final day (at least on this side of the world) before the Vortex was officially supposed to come out!  I’ve seen them pop up at stores already, have you got yours?   Like the music of the commercial?  Say hello to the band THERE FOR TOMORROW!   The official release regarding their involvement with theContinue reading “NERF VORTEX – 09/10/11 hits tomorrow! GET ON IT!”

All good things-

The adventure is over in NYC. Having the vortex blasters in-hand definitely solidified my feelings about them. Don’t be afraid of change, people! The range and capabilities of these blasters just might surprise you. Worth a try? For sure. Expect my final take on these when I manage to get them myself. In the meantime-Continue reading “All good things-“