Heads up! The Nerf Facebook page has released a third video, and this time it clearly the depicts the Vortex blasters in all their resplendent youtube glory.

The names are official – Proton, Vigilon, Praxis, and Nitron – nothing new there. The video gives a 360 of each blaster though, and I am particularly intrigued at the way the muzzles look to accomodate the new disc ammo. Below are some screen shots:

Aw Yeah, the Family Portrait!

The blaster with the internal clip – the Vigilon! Looks to me the size will be pretty close to a recon.

Self-explanatory! Man, look at the size of that magazine.

The blaster we saw in the first video – The Praxis! Oddly enough, no magazine is pictured with it. Pump-action, and judging from that first video pretty awesome range.

The Proton, the pistol entry of the line. As shown in another preview video, this blaster has a slide that pulls out, providing the spot where the disc loads and primes the blaster.

Huzzah! Now, to get to 09/10/11!

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