Well hello there… Action Splat?

From Foam From Above

Say hello to the Blizzard “Paintblaster”. I got this from Tuesday Morning in Arlington Heights for around $12… totally worth it. It looks like the company Blizzard made something like a pistol splat by splatmatic http://www.amazon.com/Splatmatic-PS800-Pistol-Splat/dp/B0000TF6LY, rendering this the “Lanard” or “Buzzbee” of paintball splat thingies in my book. I can’t say anything for comparing the quality of construction, but from what I see on NH and my own experience, there’s the same ridiculous spring inside the same ridiculous plunger tube. Ridiculous success.

Informal testing tells me the range is decent… not sure if I’m getting the 100′ some folks do but it seems pretty good. It fires clear across the width of my street, for what that’s worth.

I’ve replaced the stock barrel with CPVC and that’s about it. In order to open’er up to do so, there was a ring around the barrel I had to remove and unfortunately that means the new barrel needs some sort of stabilizer, but I don’t really care enough to make it so. Hah! The new barrel has been superglued and electrical taped into oblivion, it’s not moving anywhere. It’s been said that if you don’t glue it properly the barrel will fire out, dart and all. Thankfully, that’s just hearsay on my end.

Right now I’m using stock darts, some weighted but at stock length. I think… I think I’m going to have to start cutting shorter darts in order to improve distance. I have noticed a difference from shorter stock darts right away. Between this and the ranges I’ve been getting from my XXL bazooka, I think that’s the only thing left to do to improve my ranges. I also might want to work on balancing my weights, so far the thing’s been powerful enough to make my darts flop about after being fired.

The grip is pretty ergonomic, It fits my hand pretty well, even moreso than a TTG. I found the nub near the handle is not as problematic as some others have said so I’ve left it alone.

It’s definitely too powerful for a regular pistol round, but as far as a primary goes this is something I look forward to taking with me on the field. I am a little curious as to the comparison between this near-stock and my TTG though, for sure. I have a rebarrel and extra spring in the TTG, so if it’s on par with the splatmatic I might have to reconsider using it during pistol rounds.

One thing… a ram rod is kind of a must for maximum efficacy. DO IT.

Keep reloadin’!

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  1. “Blizzard” is more like a model name for the paint scheme. Same for “SupaSplat” and “Patriot.” They all come out of the same molds. Except for the chalk-dust ones – those have a few different parts. Look for the manufacturing name actually molded into the handgrip. I believe it's “Tech Group” on the chalk-dust ones, and “Toytech” on the originals.


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