Well we’ve hashed it out here, what about you?

This is a pretty age old question… the necessity for a sidearm during a nerf round. There’s the camp that says you don’t need it and there’s the camp that carries one. For some voices on the subject (from the ChANO 2 thread at nerfhaven.com):

“Concerning sidearms – Even after the discussion I was thinking about it. With my hand fuched, I wasn’t able to use my magstrike. I enjoy having something as a backup in case I get rushed. While not a sidearm per se, to me the Shock and Awe of having sprayed that many darts quickly usually gets the kill or gives me time get the reload in to get the kill. Without it I was getting rushed more often. I caught Ryan reloading and he had to ninja sprint away. I chased him down but my NF was empty (he didn’t realize it). Becuase he had nothing to shoot back with he had to keep running. Due to my hand injury, I was not able to get my legs to match his speed. cool.gif Everyone plays their own way and to each his own, but I’m always going to have my NF at my side. It gives me piece of mind, and that’s what matters.”

“I can understand their usefulness if you are using a single-shot primary. You need that extra short-ranged shot to dissuade rushing. Turrets, RSCB clips, or just running away negate that need. All of my primaries are capable of firing several shots in a row, and so a sidearm is superfluous. I can, however, see the usefulness of carrying an automatic, as it provides you with impressive short-ranged firepower.”

“Time to lend myself to the sidearm debate. I remembered from the SoCal wars that I attended that I never really used a sidearm; I don’t think I even had a springer pistol, as I borrowed someone’s G1NF for the pistols round at ‘Geddon. Chano I was no different, I knew I had no need for my NF when it wasn’t pistols round. This time it was even better, since the RSCB on my +bow provided a much higher rate of fire than the Uruk-Hai Crossbow normally does. I know for a fact that there was at least one instance where something fucked up on my RSCB (I failed to glue a piece and it was giving me trouble) and instead of dicking around for a sidearm, I straight-up ran. I might not have gotten the hit, but it’s at least as effective to keep you alive. I also know there was at least one instance of Zorn running out of shots on his BBB, pulling out his NF to shoot me, and realizing that it wasn’t primed. He said himself that he could count the instances where he needed it on one hand. I would prefer to just have a primary I knew I could hit with, rather than a primary I felt needed backing up. And if you get the better of me while I’m fucking with my RSCB? Congrats, sir, that was well done. Like when Beaver got me with the fucking SSPB.” – Ice Nine

“That’s my sidearm. My legs. Run like hell.” – Ryan#s

More on this later.

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