Holy crap… HvZ anyone? Or not…


So the link above provides a bit about how Bowling Green State University (www.bgsu.edu) have been playing Humans Vs. Zombies (http://humansvszombies.org/about) and unfortunately, the players have been getting in trouble. While I haven’t had the joy of playing this particular game type, I know the weapon of choice for the humans tends to fire foam projectiles. It looks like concerned citizens are phoning in about students running around campus with firearms and in this day and age, it’s not that surprising to be honest.

I remember back in grade school, I once brought a water pistol to class. It was clear blue and plastic, but was found out and warned that I would be in serious trouble for having that at school, as it was considered a firearm. At least, that’s what they told me.

It would take a bit of work to make a nerf blaster lethal. Annoying, sure… painful, yeah… but fatal?

When I was in undergrad I had my fair share of times running around with my nerf blaster, and to be fair I never bothered to check if it was considered contraband by the school rules. I just assumed it being brightly colored was enough to indicate I was not waving anything around that was dangerous. In hindsight, that was pretty reckless.

The point of it all? Check and double check, make sure your school is aware of the appearance of nerf blasters and related products so they can head concerns like these off at the pass. It’s a different world and we can’t take a lot for granted anymore. I like to think that communicating what you’re doing, what you’re using, and what to expect can mean the difference between a blanket ban and a controlled limitation. Be safe and be smart.

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