The Future Becometh!

The above topic contains information/discussion about the latest in Nerf gaming. The “Longshot CS-6” and the “Magstrike.” Are upcoming new releases, most likely for the fall (I can tell you right now I hope that’s wrong and we get them in time for summer.)

The Longshot and Magstrike both use a clip system, which to me is a huge new trait to recent years. More importantly, they’ll come with one additional clip. At the very least a whole new dynamic can be added to the nerf environment. Suppressive fire? Maybe. Steadier shooting? Definitely? Camping? Not with Nerf weapons.

Modifications have proven that clip systems are possible with nerf weapons, but this makes it way easier for people without the skill, time, and material to do those mods. People like me and my nerf group. We hang out and shoot each other, but we don’t go into boosting performance like a lot of other folk do.

The important thing here though is that the clip system changes the way we will play. Cover becomes more of an option. It might even slow down the game, with someone waiting a few more steps behind keeping their teammates covered with a longshot as a group of magstrikes proceed ahead. On-the-fly reloading instead of the traditional stop-and-pop that single shot folks do. Getting caught with a pouch of ammo but fumbling around? Fixed! Streamlined set up to work with? Done!

Of course, maybe I’m getting all worked up over nothing. The Longshot’ll be a bust, the magstrike’ll prove to have been overrated… but dammit I refuse to believe that.

With the new clip system comes new ammo. Apparently the darts are now going to be collarless, and streamlined to be a tip that’s in-line with the foam of the dart. Not going to change with current guns, but it’ll be easier to use homemade ammo in the clips too, I wager.

But what of the old guns, the tried and true? My wildfire, my BBB? Hell, my Blastfire? Will the new system prove to be more useful out there? Maybe not. I do plan to lighten the load, but there will always be the original feel of some of the weapons for me. Even if they are single shot weapons.

I’m excited to see the new stuff, the new innovations that Hasbro is using with the Nerf line. It’s getting warmer, and my trigger finger has had an itch for the past 3 months that I can scratch REAL SOON.

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