Nerf Fall 2016 – The Story So Far (ICYMI)

New Nerf blasters announced in the last week or two… and they’re BIG. Really Big. If you haven’t seen’em yet, sit back and take in 7 blasters coming from Nerf this Fall that will get your attention. (Info and pictures provided by Nerf unless otherwise indicated). UPDATE:Thanks to UKNerf for getting the info on someContinue reading “Nerf Fall 2016 – The Story So Far (ICYMI)”

Nerf Rotofury: Nerf Behind the Scenes video Released

  Thanks to Nerf for the video! Featuring the Nerf Rotofury revealed previously, the blaster is now out and available in most major stores.   MSRP:$34.99 10 Shot drum (highest capacity blaster for the Mega line currently)Slam-fire   My biggest nitpick with this blaster is the lack of a stock or attach point for a stock,Continue reading “Nerf Rotofury: Nerf Behind the Scenes video Released”