Nerf Review] – Nerf Hyper Evolve 100 Blaster (New 2022)

TRANSCRIPTION: (apologies in advance, I used free Notta software for this)

Welcome to a foam from above. We are looking at the Nerf Hyper evolve 100. I believe it’s around 60 or $70. But let’s go over some of the basics. Your jam door there. And here, safety. Docking bay doors.  Going to call it a docking bay because it looks like a spaceship when it does that. When I initially saw this announced, I thought it was electric. It was basically a reshell of the Mach 100. That is not the case. 

The blaster itself comes with only 70 rounds. This is kind of what I got in here. It also comes with eye protection. And that’s about it. Still feels comfortable. And then there is no slam fire.  It’s a new Ammo type. A couple of new models. This is the latest one. The loading switch for the bay doors. It’s accessible by both left and right hands. The safety is on the left and the right side. Rail system there.  Rail system there. You can mount the additional ammo containers on it along with I believe the rival accessory should work on this too. This looks like the same thing. I’d say it’s not as heavy as the Hyper Mach 100.  And I do prefer a pump action forward mech.

The new door, I love it. And if you want to get the new stuff. Your Nerf Hyper Evolve 100 is out. This really depends on the type of ammo that you like.  However, I do have this caveat. Make sure to use the blaster indoors. Your ammo retrieval rate for this is going to be you do run the risk of it being pretty low just because how small these are compared to rival rounds, but yeah, still solidly built blaster, solid ammo.  Nice looks.

Love the presentation of it. Thanks again to Hasbro for sending out a free sample. I appreciate it. Appreciate you for tuning in. If you like what you see, make sure to hit like and subscribe.  Blast that Like & Subscribe button for me!  

Nerf Hyper Rundown!

Hasbro is thrilled to introduce you to NERF HYPER – a revolutionary new performance segment designed for high-energy, competitive action.

NERF HYPER delivers on the insights that consumers are looking for two main components in a blaster – quick-and-easy reload and immense onboard capacity. This segment will combine both of these components – and additional fan-favorite features – into one epic new collection that allows players to battle, play, and blast unlike EVER BEFORE. Here are a few notable features:


· EXTREME VELOCITY: Engineered for velocity, each blaster within the HYPER segment fires rounds at extreme speed – up to 110 feet per second.

· NEW ROUNDS, NEW CAPACITY: HYPER rounds are about 1/3 smaller than RIVAL rounds and feature an all-new material uniquely developed specifically for high performance. The size and material of the new HYPER round allows for increased capacity, improved velocity, and longer gameplay than the typical RIVAL blasters and rounds. In the volume where you could previously house 25 RIVAL rounds, you can now fit 100 HYPER rounds – allowing you to play three times as long before having to reload – that’s a 300% increase in capacity!

· FAST, EASY RELOAD: All new reload canisters allow players to load up to 100 rounds in mere seconds. 50-Round and 100-round reload canisters are available for purchase to attach to tactical rails for fast, easy reloads in just seconds.

· FAN FAVORITE FEATURES: Consumers can also expect to see a variety of fan-favorite features in the line including slam fire and large hoppers that allow for more time playing and less time reloading.

· #GETHYPER: In conjunction with the launch of the HYPER line, NERF is launching the #GETHYPER campaign to highlight the Brand’s heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled vibe.