Nerf All Access Event: Year 2014 & beyond!

Nerf All Access – Google Hangout with the Nerf Team
By Vas Stampede
Whew! Finally recovered, and on Thursday, June 26, myself, Mr. K from Adult Fans of Nerf, CJ from Click Click BAMF, and Blaster Labs arrived in NYC for the annual meetup/media event with the Nerf team to go over the new products for the coming Fall. 
Hard to believe this was my 5th year. Wow. Anyway, a lot of this I saw at New York Toy Fair but months later, here we are. There was a LOT of info with garnered from the design team, so I am  getting a little help from at least CJ and Mr. K to put it together.
– I can tell you this though, the Nerf Double Strike is still in the works! It will fire a single dart per prime, no multishot madness here.
– The development cycle is still about a year to a year and a half from drawing board to production, so at Toy Fair what I saw was halfway through.
– Some designs are actually held back in anticipation of doing them better, the upcoming Nerf Elite Cam CS-12 is one such instance.
There was a lot more! Coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy the pics! Still working on the gallery but these should tide you over in the meantime.

GIANT ATTACKNID (not a photoshop) – BBC Absolutely Genius segment

Not the Nerf Attacknid coming out this Fall 2014 (for $79.99) but a much larger version! If there’s one thing to take away from this video, eye protection is always important. (Although, when the darts are the size of pool noodles, maybe a full mask might be good.)

This version is the current original version out there, and the Nerf version will have a few differences. Click Click BAMF did some initial investigative work, so have a look there as well!

I also posted a quick look at an Attacknid I purchased on the Foam From Above Facebook Page – get some initial thoughts there.

“Nerf AttacknidFall” – Trekkieb47 (