GIANT ATTACKNID (not a photoshop) – BBC Absolutely Genius segment

Not the Nerf Attacknid coming out this Fall 2014 (for $79.99) but a much larger version! If there’s one thing to take away from this video, eye protection is always important. (Although, when the darts are the size of pool noodles, maybe a full mask might be good.)

This version is the current original version out there, and the Nerf version will have a few differences. Click Click BAMF did some initial investigative work, so have a look there as well!

I also posted a quick look at an Attacknid I purchased on the Foam From Above Facebook Page – get some initial thoughts there.

“Nerf AttacknidFall” – Trekkieb47 (


  1. While I like the Elite Alpha Trooper's magazine placement, I have experienced more jams with that than my Rampage. Also I prefer the handle on the Rampage and find that easier to use when I need slam fire.


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