Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review

io9 broke the news initially months ago, and now the samples are in!  Well, they’ve been in, as Basic Nerf has been doing his thing and after tooling around with these for a bit, I’ve got something to say. F2A jersey not included 😛 Firing video: Stats: Nerf Zombie Strike SledgefireApprox. $27.99, available August 1,Continue reading “Nerf ZombieStrike Sledgefire Review”

New York Toy Fair – TekRecon Debrief,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3D2AEED38C4998C22872B63BD5AFA00EAC64917244.88C3A2EB507F48E576FF134EC48588F840E0FDCB%26key%3Dlh1,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3D9B542BFC1B1F8538B21D65CFA10FAFB45CB5E7C8.8EA68C552B804C62C4721CD85981EDAFD62505D5%26key%3Dlh1,itag,source,ip,ipbits,expire%26signature%3DB53B9D4955E50DD3571984540649E1FDB6C1C3E4.CD56085068C0CB335DD33DFF6E9CB709D433D166%26key%3Dlh1 The “flag” QR code scanned with app. Havok and the Hammer Head Hammer Head Havok and Magazine How the magazine comes out of the Hammer Head From the press release: Tech 4 Kids To Revolutionize Boys Action Experience with Tek Recon! With innovations never seen before, Tech 4 Kids is set toContinue reading “New York Toy Fair – TekRecon Debrief”