Nerf Fall 2016 – The Story So Far (ICYMI)

New Nerf blasters announced in the last week or two… and they’re BIG. Really Big. If you haven’t seen’em yet, sit back and take in 7 blasters coming from Nerf this Fall that will get your attention. (Info and pictures provided by Nerf unless otherwise indicated). UPDATE:Thanks to UKNerf for getting the info on someContinue reading “Nerf Fall 2016 – The Story So Far (ICYMI)”

Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper & Nerf Dart Tag Stinger!

The Nerf Dart Tag Stinger.  Looks like the Nerf Elite Jolt was turned Dart Tag, and now comes with a target board like the Tech Target. ELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLPHA TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOPERRRRRRRRRRRRR (here’s hoping they fixed the problem with the pump handle) Got a shoutout on facebook about these, and now UK Nerf has put up the images. Continue reading “Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper & Nerf Dart Tag Stinger!”

VIDEO: Nerf Vortex Diatron Firing Test

I’ll get the full review up soon enough, but in the meantime, here’s a quick video on how the Nerf Vortex Diatron fires, and even a troubleshooting tip.  Enjoy!

Female-centric: Toy blaster companies, you’re missing out!

Happy Sunday (or Monday) y’all.  It’s been tough to pull away from all the Nerf Elite news that’s been exploding across the internet, especially since it looks like the Nerf Retaliator and the Rampage have already hit shelves in some areas.  Not that that’s surprising, as there has always been a hiccup or two withContinue reading “Female-centric: Toy blaster companies, you’re missing out!”

Nerf N-Strike Elite – info lowdown:

Heads up!  Finally feeling like a human again, I’m able to put together a more coherent post of everything that happened.  Well, not EVERYTHING as some of what I heard was supa top-secret in specifics, but let’s get some business out of the way: N-Strike Elite is going to become the standard of the N-StrikeContinue reading “Nerf N-Strike Elite – info lowdown:”