Recoil: The World is Now Game – For the holidays!

This blog post is sponsored by Skyrocket. Thank you! Hot Buy for the Holiday – Recoil: The World is Now Game by Skyrocket! Laser Tag, AR airstrikes, power ups, minimal cleanup. Indoor play during the winter months? Definitely! First: Outdoor play as shown by Sam and Niko on YouTube, also Node, Corridor Digital, etc. AndContinue reading “Recoil: The World is Now Game – For the holidays!”

RECOIL: THE WORLD IS NOW (available at Target and other retailers!) Game

Nerdist/Geek & Sundry just did such a great job with an overview: Sponsored content brought to you by Recoil! RECOIL PHOTO GALLERY RECOIL: The World is Now Game – a new and really intriguing take on Augmented Reality, mixing it with laser tag, implementing perks/power ups from video games, a heads up display (HUD), mobileContinue reading “RECOIL: THE WORLD IS NOW (available at Target and other retailers!) Game”

Light Strike – Here’s a go

Light Strike –  Items: Assault striker w/target (3 different color variants) –  $39.99 Light Striker Pistol w/target  (3 color variants) – $29.99 Enemy Scanner (attachment) – $14.99 Rapid Fire Striker (attachment) – $12.99 Included power settings: “Laser Strike” – 12 shots – disables enemy in 12 hits “Stealth Strike” (silencer mode) – 12 shots –Continue reading “Light Strike – Here’s a go”