New Feature to Foam From Above! – The Ladies need to show up.

Hello all! So, anyone worth their salt and a visitor here has hopefully been to an outing/event/scrimmage whatever of some sort involving nerf blasters. In my experience, the field has been dominated by the boys, but what about the ladies? I’ve met a few girls at nerf outs and have run across a few female nerf enthusiasts on the internet, so let’s get some consolidation going! I’m a guy, but all about equal opportunity.

So. Here’s the propostion:

Ladies, who wants to be a “Foamme Fatale”?

(Yes, like Femme Fatale)

I’m serious! Send a pic of yourself (guys, have any lady friends into foam blasters?) and a foam flinger (Nerf blaster, Buzz Bee, Lanard, whatever) to along with a few words about yourself, a nickname, fave blaster, game type, and a colorful blaster related anecdote.

As far as pics go, here’re the ground rules:

1) NO SCANTILY CLAD PHOTOS. I’m serious. The more skin you show in a photo does NOT (doesnotdoesnot) increase your chances of being picked as a FoammeFatale. And seriously, I’m not about to risk someone underage trying to send me pic of them in a two-piece, thanks. Trying to pander to my more base sensibilities is insulting.

2) Action photos, if possible!

3) See #1

4) Make sure to blur out anyone else in the photo not you. Just in case they don’t want to be featured too.

5)…. TBD.

So there ya go. I’ll pick one photo a month for now, so if you submit a photo and it doesn’t get picked then that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t go back to it later.


Voluntarily sending me a photo is permission for me to use your image on my blog where the only compensation you receive is recognition on FoamFromAbove as a “FoammeFatale”. I won’t photoshop anything crazy, and I will let you know if anything else will be done with your photo with your permission.

Questions? Let me know! Looking forward to your submissions!

And just to get the party started:

Say hello to our first FoammeFatale, @Miss-Fire!!

– Vas The Stampede