Happy Force Friday! Nerf First Order blaster pics!

#ForceFriday Kicks off the New Hope for Star Wars (toys)

Thanks to Graham B on Facebook, we have these initial pics for the new Nerf Star Wars First Order blasters! I haven’t gotten these myself yet, these pics came from Graham.

Enjoy the pics, commentary to follow.

Not sure which UPC this is for (based on the order the pics were sent to me this is for the deluxe blaster.)

The range claims are approximately 65′, which is INFINITELY better than most licensed products in the past. The Deluxe  blaster seems to have slam-fire and use n-strike mags, definitely something I will test though. The smaller pistol has the same range claim, but no mag usage. Interesting stuff!
UPDATE: the $79.99 price tag looks to be from an Australian source. Less price in the U.S.
HOWEVER, $20.99 for a pistol (probably single shot) & $79.99 for what is basically a Rampage? Dangit, Nerf. (See update!) For $10 more that’s a Rhino-Fire. Son of Nerf Herder, I hope that’s an error of some sort but I won’t know for myself until I hit the stores in the morning. That’s pretty exorbitant in my opinion, even if it is a licensed product. But Nerf can get away with it, because fans like myself are going nuts right now in anticipation. Heck of a trick. In the meantime, happy hunting! And may the Force be with you, always.

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