Review: Xploderz Xgrenades

Little video review of the Xploderz Xgrenades.

Besides actually hitting your target with the sphere itself, I think qualifying a tag with this thing is going to be tough.  Grass, concrete (that’s why I put the posterboard down, to show the spread a little better) is tough with this style of ammo.  A grenade the way I see it is dynamic, and… well… explosive.  This isn’t.  People throw ballistic balls and socks during Humans Vs. Zombies games, but for $7.99 even that’s a little pricey to act as a replacement for much cheaper alternatives (hell, one game I used large marshmallows.)

In any event, buyer beware on this one…. maybe use them as tossable large ammo, but if you’re looking for a grenade type device this isn’t it.

Store purchased: Meijer (a big box store like Target)
Cost: $7.99
Included: 3 “grenades” and 750 rounds of dry ammo (no container, have a bowl handy.  Obviously, if you use the xploderz ammo depots you won’t be able to get the ammo back out).



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