University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Humans Vs Zombies!

RANDOM FUN EVENTS MILWAUKEE held a one-day, three-round Humans Vs. Zombies game based off the rule set for Humans Vs Zombies.  It was fan-tastic.  Even better, Razor’s Vapor Blaster folks were nice enough to let us take some giveaways with us!  Yes, we usually have Nerf with us but we needed to test these out under heavy fire conditions.  And man, it was good.  The Vapor line lends itself well at quick reloading, great capacity(50-100 shots per reload), and good ranges out of the box.  Naturally a number of the attendees were from WI or university students, but including myself there was a good showing of people from MANO and TTAGS.

 For more photos, check here:

In any event, thanks to Random Fun Events for putting it on and opening up the campus to play like this once more, and to the university population for not batting an eyelash as we rolled around.  Life is full of serious business, a day like this helps break up the routine.  Choose survivors or zombies, so long as you choose Play.

Mind you, these are just photos!  I got lots of video, so expect to see that relatively soon.

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