Not at NYCC? Bring some of it home, N-Strike Barricade Bumblebee style!

Fresh from the inbox – wanted to give the Foam From Above fan community a heads-up on a limited opportunity to obtain the Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 Special Edition Transformers Bumblebee blaster, which appeared at New York Comic Con earlier this month. Hasbro will be posting this item to for sale on the morning of October 19th, after 10am EST and we wanted to provide you with as much notice as possible!  Please keep in mind, remaining inventory is limited since the item was a hot commodity at the convention, but we’re glad we are able to make these remaining blasters available online.”

So to sum up:  Go to the hasbro toy shop starting tomorrow, and keep an eye out on the Nerf Facebook
page to see when the news goes live there, and you too can own your own Nerf N-Strike Bumblebee Edition barricade! Pair it up if you own the Optimus Prime Barricade, or mix and match if you own either the original, Sonic, or Gear Up editions!  Great collectors, intended for kids, loved by completionists.  Transform, and Roll Out!