WIN A SUPER SOAKER HOUSE PARTY! (Sponsored by Nerf and Cheetos)

Just like the title says. I ran across this promo on twitter, and thanks to it looks like entrants can have a chance to win a Nerf and Cheetos sponsored summer house party. Taken from their site, here’s the prize: “Host a NERF SUPER SOAKER Block Party Kick off Father’s Day Weekend with theContinue reading “WIN A SUPER SOAKER HOUSE PARTY! (Sponsored by Nerf and Cheetos)”

Nerf Elite Launch Party – 2012

Let’s get some links outta the way – AP IMAGE GALLERY Adult Fans of NerfNerfrevolutionClick Click BAMFNERFHQ Amongst other people who write mainstream news articles, the above sites were in attendance to the party.  In spite of recent events, Nerf does in fact reach out to fan sites and they do in fact treat themContinue reading “Nerf Elite Launch Party – 2012”