All good things-

The adventure is over in NYC. Having the vortex blasters in-hand definitely solidified my feelings about them. Don’t be afraid of change, people! The range and capabilities of these blasters just might surprise you. Worth a try? For sure. Expect my final take on these when I manage to get them myself. In the meantime-Continue reading “All good things-“

Interesting tidbit from another toy blog:

I was perusing blogs and websites leading up to Toy Fair, and ran across this interesting press release. There’s a lot of news on it about EVERYTHING Hasbro (including info about Thor – there will be a Mjolnir light up hammer apparently!) But, we’re not here to talk about godly weapons. We’re here for foamContinue reading “Interesting tidbit from another toy blog:”

Alright, big announcement in regards to FoamFromAbove…

Alright, I’ve been writing this blog for about 5 years, most of the entries happening in the last year. When I started this project, it was to get me writing again, and I chose something I enjoyed and knew a bit about. I liked shooting nerf blasters with my friends, and had my fair shareContinue reading “Alright, big announcement in regards to FoamFromAbove…”