Nerf Vortex Release #2!

Nerf released another look at its upcoming Vortex line this past Monday! The video above is what we saw on facebook. The highlights on this vid were: another look at the “Gear Up” N-Strike repaints, another look at some of the Nerf Vortex blasters proper, and highlights the single-shot pistol entry of the Vortex line.

Urban Taggers already has a pretty good writeup up of the video, for anyone curious. I’ll put up a few of the screen caps I’ve grabbed as well though.

Family photo – Gear Up Series

From Nerf Vortex reveals!

Family photo – (Some of the) Nerf Vortex line:

From Nerf Vortex reveals!

You can see what might be the Nitron, the Praxis, and one other blaster. The Nitron name was revealed the last video, and the Praxis is pretty much the blaster that was test-fired the last video as well. The blaster at the top has the integrated clip, while the other two blasters (one of which is at least pump-action) use a removable clip system for discs. Note, the stock!

Also, it’s a little fuzzy but Nerf’s confirmed on their facebook page that the Vortex line will indeed have tac-rails and can accomodate your favorite scopes/sights/lights.

Annnnnd the test-fire! Here’s the pistol, which could be the Proton or the Vigilon but it hasn’t officially been announced yet which blasters are which. The video starts like this:

From Nerf Vortex reveals!

and you can spot the discs, and the muzzle of blasters. As expected, the muzzle of the blasters is going to be flat to accomodate the discs. How this might affect handling ergonomics and holstering, it’s simply too early to tell without having one in-hand.

From Nerf Vortex reveals!

Here we see the priming mech/loading slide for the pistol. What I like about the vortex line so far is the release switch being situated near the thumb. To me I can see that being a lost faster mechanically to hit that, reload, and resume firing. That’s pure speculation, but we’ll see. The priming arm takes out the slot where you load the disc, primes the blaster, and hitting the switch returns the assembly back into position.

From Nerf Vortex reveals!

Very interesting stuff, I think. And the accuracy wasn’t bad either.

One final shot of the integrated clip blaster:

From Nerf Vortex reveals!

The last blaster, that has the Stampede-like foregrip.

From Nerf Vortex reveals!

Hopefully next week, we get to see what that one looks like in full functioning awesomeness!

See ya next time!

Interesting tidbit from another toy blog:

I was perusing blogs and websites leading up to Toy Fair, and ran across this interesting press release. There’s a lot of news on it about EVERYTHING Hasbro (including info about Thor – there will be a Mjolnir light up hammer apparently!)

But, we’re not here to talk about godly weapons. We’re here for foam blasters, and NERF.

Hopefully they don’t mind, I took this from the main release I linked to:


In 2011, the NERF brand will continue its high-energy evolution with exciting advancements in its SUPER SOAKER and DART TAG lines, as well as a reveal of the new, top secret NERF VORTEX blaster collection. This year the NERF SUPER SOAKER line takes the water blaster world to a new level of power and performance with battery-powered blasters, including the new NERF SUPER SOAKER THUNDERSTORM water blaster, and easy to use CLIP SYSTEM refills giving fans the faster reloads and edge they need to become ultimate water warriors. In 2011, the popular DART TAG World Championship will celebrate its third consecutive year with revamped recruitment and game play. To celebrate the evolution of NERF DART TAG, four new DART TAG blasters will be released this spring including the NERF DART TAG SWARMFIRE blaster as well as NERF DART TAG official competition jerseys and new NERF DART TAG VISION GEAR. And, to round out a full year of new introductions, the NERF brand is inviting fans to “Gear Up for 9.10.11” when it will introduce the NERF VORTEX collection, a completely new and innovative blaster experience. NERF fans, known as NERF NATION, will also be able to step up their game in 2011 as the property continues to break out at mass retail and become a global mega lifestyle licensing brand with cutting edge products ranging from footwear to graphic tees, electronics and digital gaming. For more updates and information on each of the NERF brand’s five existing N-STRIKE, NERF SUPER SOAKER, DART TAG, SPORTS, and N-FORCE lines, visit,, or and become a part of NERF NATION.

So, expansion of the Nerf line into other mediums, and the super secret release this year won’t be a singular blaster, but a whole collection? Anyone else smell something like Cyberstrike gear? Who knows!

ONCE AGAIN, I found the press release here:

Tomorrow…. I go to TOY FAIR!