Tek Recon: Final Stand Contest

Saw this teaser on Facebook for Tek Recon – 5 PM!  I think EST (their HQ in Toronto, Canada, after all) so plan accordingly! They’re at 41k now, so the kickstarter campaign with 10 days to go is ALMOST THERE!  Here’s hoping this contests puts it over the top. EDIT: THE RULES   “Tek ReconContinue reading “Tek Recon: Final Stand Contest”

Tek Recon: Update #4! – (New video and info uploaded to the Kickstarter page!)

Update from Tek Recon after the break – I’ll put my 2 cents in a little later when I have a bit more time.  But… wow.  The movie start pledges got picked up, and there will be some new products possibly by 2014! To view the latest vid, head over to their kickstarter – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/graemebissett/tek-recon-the-first-real-life-video-game/posts Continue reading “Tek Recon: Update #4! – (New video and info uploaded to the Kickstarter page!)”

Tek Recon Update #3: Firing demo and Trigger explanation!

Fresh update from Tek Recon.  Pretty much says it all right there.  And holy crap.  A proper semi-auto trigger pull OR pump-action fires the blaster, you can use either mode.  The pump-action works a bit better for rapid fire, while the trigger I guess allows for that steady shot. What I wonder is if thereContinue reading “Tek Recon Update #3: Firing demo and Trigger explanation!”

News Rundown – TekRecon

And, got a new video up today on the TekRecon for my own channel – Whew!  Busy morning. (at least, it’s morning here)