Nerf Black Friday Deals – (for Toys R Us)

SOURCE: – SHOPPER  The above sites provide a proper listing of all the Black Friday deals to expect at Toys R Us!  I consolidated the Nerf deals here, but the articles have a bunch of other great offers on Transformers, Skylanders, Kids electronics, and so much more.  I am assuming these deals apply in-storeContinue reading “Nerf Black Friday Deals – (for Toys R Us)”

ATTENTION HOLIDAY SHOPPERS: NERF STAMPEDE ECS VALUE PACK If you haven’t found your way to a Costco yet, you might want to make a point of doing that pretty soon. The Nerf Stampede was reported there in a special bundle! For the relatively similar price you’d get at Target or Wal-Mart you get 4 (instead of 3) 18 round magazines, 2 (insteadContinue reading “ATTENTION HOLIDAY SHOPPERS: NERF STAMPEDE ECS VALUE PACK”