TOY REVIEW: VMD Cannon Commando – Skyrocket Toys

BASIC STATS: 16 shot turret Includes 24 darts Requires 6 x AA batteries for tank, 1 x 9v for remote (batteries not included). Ages 8+ MSRP: $39.99 Available now at major retailers. Range: 50 max. at lowest angle, 20′-30′ at highest Fired Nerf brand streamlines (elite, suction cup, zombiestrike) as well as included darts.  DidContinue reading “TOY REVIEW: VMD Cannon Commando – Skyrocket Toys”

Fresh from the inbox; new super soaker stuff from Hasbro!

Hey all! I know this news got leaked awhile back, but I’m received the official ok and word to announce some of the new Super Soaker stuff due out this spring! Unless you already live in a warm climate in which case you already have warm weather and this is more relevant to you andContinue reading “Fresh from the inbox; new super soaker stuff from Hasbro!”