Yikes! Pre-Toy Fair is in Swing! (Nerf News, other news…)

Hey all! Sorry about the dearth of info here.  I’ve been posting a blaster-a-day on Facebook but I have admittedly fallen behind on reviews, posting, everything!  But with good reason.  I’ve got a lot of off-the-net stuff going on that will bring better content here.  There’s a method to the madness!  And it starts whereContinue reading “Yikes! Pre-Toy Fair is in Swing! (Nerf News, other news…)”

Nerf N-Strike Elite – info lowdown:

Heads up!  Finally feeling like a human again, I’m able to put together a more coherent post of everything that happened.  Well, not EVERYTHING as some of what I heard was supa top-secret in specifics, but let’s get some business out of the way: N-Strike Elite is going to become the standard of the N-StrikeContinue reading “Nerf N-Strike Elite – info lowdown:”