Nerf LMTD: Halo Needler!

Hasbro Pulse Con revealed the Halo Needler as the next item available through Nerf LMTD! Good times, 6 AA batteries, ammo tracking, and a speedswarm mechanism. I took some screen grabs during the presentation, see below.

I have some thoughts, but will save those for now. In the meantime, enjoy the news!

Beware the pink must, as they say.


(HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: August 2022) 

The NERF LMTD HALO NEEDLER blaster captures the look of the blaster from the HALO video game franchise! Imagine yourself as one of the Banished or Covenant and get ready to battle the UNSC! This NERF dart blaster recreates the blaster’s distinctive design with flexible needles that light up when you grip the handle! Fire the darts and watch the needles go dark to simulate how they launch from the blaster in the game. Other light-up accents add to the exciting visual presentation. This fully motorized blaster unleashes 10 darts in a row from the rotating, 10-dart drum. Includes 10 NERF ELITE foam darts. Switch to display mode to illuminate the blaster and showcase it on the included stand. Includes a game card with in-game content in the HALO INFINITE game.* Eyewear recommended (not included). Requires 6x AA 1.5v alkaline batteries (not included). Includes: blaster, 10 darts, unassembled display stand, game card, and instructions. Available now for pre-order on Hasbro PulseAmazonGameStopEntertainment Earth and Big Bad Toystore.


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