ICYMI – Nerf Seeks Chief Tik Tok Officer!

In the past few weeks, Nerf started the search for a Chief Tik Tok Officer to run their Tik Tok account.


We need a Chief TikTok Officer to HELP US! Watch our last 2 posts from @deestroying & @chinamcclain + visit the link in bio! #NerfApplication


Here’s the job posting:

t’s the Nerf blaster for me (did we do that right?). In any case, we need your help – because you, yes YOU, can become the next Nerf CTO (Chief TikTok Officer). The Nerf CTO is a big title with some bigger perks – Nerf blasters for uh… research purposes, real money, and bragging rights for three glorious months. If this sounds like a dream, that’s because it is. 

We are looking for a creator who is a Nerf enthusiast, a TikTok extraordinaire, has good comedic timing, and knows how to use a ring light. Is your heart racing? Does it feel like we are speaking right to… you? If you are fluent in this language, this might be a perfect match. We think this job is so cool we were thinking of quitting ours to apply, but we’re still learning the Renegade dance so… 

Scroll down to find out more and to learn how to apply… there are some important details you should know – and that our HR and Legal teams want you to be sure you’ve read. 

Desperate Millennials trying to appeal to Gen Z

How to Apply 

  • Post the perfect Nerf related TikTok video using the hashtag #NerfApplication and tag @nerf between 3/26 and 4/2 date. This is your application!
  • Follow @nerf on TikTok 
  • Review our official job postinghere (link on @nerf TikTok bio).
  • We will require a formal application and interview process for the selected finalists.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities 
In partnership with the Nerf Global Marketing Team and partners, you will: 

  • Create content for the @nerf TikTok handle, resulting in 10-12 approved Nerf related TikTok videos for the @nerf handle per month. You are free to repost the content to your own handle after it has gone live on the @Nerf handle.
  • Meet weekly with the Nerf Global Marketing team to ideate on the hottest trends in the TikTok space. 
  • Leverage creative thinking and consumer insights to better connect Nerf activities on TikTok to consumer behaviors and trends.  

Critical Skills

  • Loves Nerf
  • Loves TikTok
  • Seriously Creative 
  • Good Vibes  
  • Sense of humor 

Duration and Location

  • This is a 3-month at-will role, with the best title we’ve ever seen.
  • We are looking for someone to begin in Mid-April and work through Mid-July. This is flexible to a degree.    
  • This role is fully remote (we will meet through Microsoft Teams or a similar video service).


  • Applicants must be 18 or older to be considered for the role. 
  • Applicants must be located in the US.
  • Position is non-union.

Hasbro is committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment. We are committed to making all employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or any other legally protected status.”

I do have a Tik Tok account, and I do ok. If you are reading this and aren’t following me on Tik Tok yet, be a pal and click that “+”, yeah?

So in the 10+ years since I started covering the brand, Nerf is finally offering a paid position on their social media. It’s not for very long, but who knows what someone will make of it? If anyone else gets it, I do hope it’s Sophie, aka Nerfers101. She’s one of the few active people in this community who is truly passionate about the brand and isn’t a slimeball.

Good luck to everyone, of course I will make a video, and this is one of the craziest opportunities I’ve seen in awhile. I may have additional thoughts once the selection is made, but we’ll see.

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