New Nerf Blasters for 2014 – Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire

New Nerf blaster for 2014 is announced!  Just before the UK Toy Fair begins, here we go!

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the blaster I took from New York Toy Fair:

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 14)

Zombie hordes are no match for the ZOMBIE STRIKE SLINGFIRE blaster! The blaster’s lever-action allows for quicker reloads on the run and DIY-style designs lend an authentic feel to any NERF zombie attack. Blaster comes complete with one six dart clip and six ZOMBIE STRIKE darts which can be fired up to 75 feet. Features the NERF Tactical Rail System customizable with NERF N-STRIKE scopes and accessories, each sold separately. Available at most major retailers nationwide and

Interesting look, lever action, and supposedly going to get the 75′ Elite ranges.  I wonder how a drum mag is going to look in there.  1 tactical rail, 2 sling points (the barrel and the buttstock), and…. there you go!  The UK Toy Fair is going to see this first, and I do believe I’m going to get a crack at this next month at the New York Toy Fair.  How do you feel about that $30 price tag though?

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Also, New York Toy Fair 2014 is next month!  I’m all booked and set to go, now it’s just the waiting game until I get there.  Coverage begins February 16, and I’ll be in the Hasbro/Nerf Showroom at 9 AM.  Just a quick reminder – this trip is out of pocket for me, no company flies me out (unlike the Nerf summer gathering/release parties) nor do they sponsor me so I’ll visit/give their products additional coverage.  But as long as I have a press pass, I’ll make sure to head out so I can get what info I can to share.  It is one of the first looks I get up close and personal with the blasters for 2014, so I have some direct experience with what you might expect.  There are also prototypes and toys which may not make it to market, but that’s the risk in the toy industry!

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