Nerf N-strike Elite Press kit!

Received the Nerf N-Strike Rampage, Retaliator, spare 18 round mag, and Elite tape measure today!   Thanks Nerf for the swag!

Test firing!  Nerf N-Strike Retaliator!

Yeah, the range claims are pretty believable, and the darts fly super straight, straighter than any other darts I’ve tried fresh outta the box.  Impressive, most impressive.  I’ll look into getting a better sideways shot, that might be better.  Plus, I still have the Rampage to look at!

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  1. @nerffan – tell you what, I'll post a video of shots with the barrel off. At first look it looked like the barrel actually assisted in accuracy, but I'll review to make sure.

    As for why, I can't really say! I have had this blog about blasters for 5+ years, I must be doing something right.


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