Nerf alive with the Chicagoland Dart Tag Society!

The Chicagoland Dart Tag Society through a game, and people showed up.
Dude was pretty excited to win a free Longstrike, courtesy of Nerf.

Rockin’ a classic Crossbow… THAT HE ACTUALLY USES.  UNMODDED.
Foamme Fatales, the CLDTS has ’em.
A prize winner, courtesy of Nerf!

Played it out with the Chicagoland Dart Tag Society again a few weeks ago, the above are just SOME of the pics!  The rest are here:

Thanks to Nerf, I had a clear Deploy and a Longstrike to give away to some folks, and the CLDTS had some shirts from the Nerf Nation giveaway to… well… give away!  As usual we had games of CTF, Zombies, freeze tag, elimination, and the like.  Good times, good weather, good nerf!

If you’re in the Chicagoland Area, make sure to check them out:  they play about every two weeks, give or take successive events also held in Wisconsin.  Make sure to check posts at:!

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