New Nerf blaster: Spectre Rev-5!

Alright, the N-Strike Rev-5 has been out for a good long while now and I’ve finally gotten my hands on it. Looking at this thing right out of the box, you’re looking at somewhere between 20-35′ range so there’s that question. However, the bread and butter of this thing is the streamlining between this and the maverick as you’ll see in the photos.

Now, the Rev-5 functions just like the Maverick Rev-6 and the Recon CS-6 as far as the priming mech, there’s a slide on the top of the blaster that you pull back, and it readies the shot. HOWEVER, unlike the Maverick the Spectre rotates every time you prime the blaster, not every time you pull the trigger. The action feels a bit tighter as a result and dare I say it I think it shoots farther than the maverick as a result.

The whole blaster feels more streamlined, between losing one chamber and everything in general it’s a smaller feel, even with the stock and silencer on it. Don’t think for a second though that fitting into the holster of the Nerf Tactical vest probably didn’t play some role in this little piece of ingenuity.

The stock and the silencer; don’t bother. The stock’s super flimsy (although the flip-out motion is cool) and the silencer’s just another faux barrel. But it looks cool too, so if that’s your thing then don’t let this reviewer stop you. In fact, here’re some shots to show you how other things look on it:

I have a minimalist perspective on these matters though… so I like this:

But yeah, I definitely dig the feel of this blaster in its stripped-down configuration and the range is right where I think a sidearm (especially one that doesn’t need extra mags) should be. Even if you have a maverick and a recon, this just might offer enough from using each to be worth your while. Minus the extra round, the mobility and range offered is enough to tilt my opinion of the blaster towards yes. Too often I find my mags run out, but then I have a Firefly handy, or when it was on me, the Spectre.

Now, about the barricade…? ANOTHER TIME!

How about a size comparison photo?

Spectre vs. Crossfire vs. Maverick vs. Triple Torch

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