I got things! Nerf Sports line and blasters.

The Wicked Emcee has come through again! I received a package from some fine folks I met via the NDTL. This is its story.

When the weather gets warmer, expect to see some of the sports gear in action. As for the blasters… well, they’re a Raider and Furyfires. Good close quarter multi-shot blasters and that’s pretty much how I play. Things are good!


FFA is accepting submissions for “FoammeFatales”! Any ladies reading, send a pic of yourself (guys, have any lady friends into foam blasters?) and a foam flinger (Nerf blaster, Buzz Bee, Lanard, whatever) to FoammeFatale@gmail.com along with a few words about yourself, a nickname, fave blaster, game type, and a colorful blaster related anecdote. If you like N-Force stuff/foam melee weapons, that’s admissible too. Ladies, represent!

What we’re looking for:

1) NO SCANTILY CLAD PHOTOS. I’m serious. The more skin you show in a photo does NOT (doesnotdoesnot) increase your chances of being picked as a FoammeFatale. And seriously, I’m not about to risk someone underage trying to send me pic of them in a two-piece, thanks. Trying to pander to my more base sensibilities is insulting.

2) Action photos, if possible!

3) See #1

4) Make sure to blur out anyone else in the photo not you. Just in case they don’t want to be featured too.

5)…. TBD.


Voluntarily sending me a photo is permission for me to use your image on my blog where the only compensation you receive is recognition on FoamFromAbove as a “FoammeFatale”. I won’t photoshop anything crazy, and I will let you know if anything else will be done with your photo with your permission.

Later, thanks for viewing/reading!

– VasTheStampede

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