What you’re looking at is one of my new friends, the Spy Gear Signal Launcher by Wild Planet. I’ve modded it, but you can find stock pics HERE. I haven’t done anything to the pump, but that’s a seven shot 1’ish long clip on the back, complete with a 3/4″ ball valve for loading. The barrel is 1/2″ PVC, and it is awesome. I first grabbed one of these months ago, but I liked the stock look and signal features so much I never modded it. Then they became available for cheaper at Tuesday Morning, and I had to live the dream.

It is an air blaster, complete with pump handle on the front of the blaster. From the looks of the internals, the tank is HUGE. I’d put it close to or bigger than a Big Blast, and it shows.

Stock, the blaster shoots these specialized rounds for particular signals, hence “Signal Launcher”. The yellow has a rubber band to hold a note, the red has streamers for added visibility, and the green one whistles through the air.

Like I said, I didn’t even plug the overpressure release valve and even with the large RSCB and some dead space it fires like a charm with 1/2″ stefans ammo. No official range tests with a measuring tape, but it certainly looks comparable to my +bow ranges. While I still have to flick the blaster to prime a dart due to the RSCB, I’m pretty happy with the ROF and range I can get outta this thing. If you can find one, definitely pick one up!

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