Stepping off the NIC…

and into the real world. Decided to head out to Naperville today to go match blasters against a contingent from Naperville, a group I dub “Napervillains”. A couple of their organizers showed up Chicago Showdown back in July, so it was only fair to return the favor and head out to see how their group rolls. Kane and Derek were the hosts, Snake from Nerfhaven and I were the NIC contingent.

The rules seemed basic enough for us: Gun hits counted, regular hits counted, could block melee weapons with your blasters, and respawns were at a predetermined respawn point. This group, in addition to including melee weapons during each round fashioned rules on “missile” projectiles (rockets, big blast rounds, even ballistic balls. They were considered a stronger hit and thus increased respawn time.

We only managed 2 game types, DeathMatch and Defend the Core. It was more than enough though as the Defend the Core round lasted more than hour, at least. However, that also meant we started to lose people like flies eventually.

My weapons of choice for the day started off with a vulcan, which did about as well as you could expect. Which means, not really. Honestly, the vulcan is not designed to run and gun. I would probably run as fast as the darts I was firing.

Truth be told, here was the hit I scored; I was being stalked by a member of the opposing team, and she was hiding behind a tree. I had to draw her out. I fiddled with my vulcan a bit and said loudly to no one in particular, “Is my button even on?!!?!”

She took the bait. Charged. I opened fire. I am wily like a fox!

That was about as epic as I got with the vulcan. After that, I ended up trading up for my RSCB’d BBBB. MOAR HITS.

Anyway, mostly stock ammo the rest of the day and good cover, really there wasn’t much else to complain about. If anything, lightly modded blasters with modest range. It was a good time, with the added dimensions of melee and more damaging rounds tossed in it made for a new kinda experience as opposed to the sparse trees, mobstacles, and open fields I was used to. Additionally, say what you want about range, the trees rendered a 80′ blaster useless. What really counted, was that we aimed correctly. Boy, did we.

In all, it was good to get to meet a new group of people and play by their rules. I’m here to experience the different games and see how people make nerf their own. The Napervillains certainly do that, and it’s an independent group of the NIC, where Snake and I stepped off the reservation into the unknown even moreso than usual. And we’re better fighters for it.

See you on the field!



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