Taking a look back at blasters of olde-

What we’re talking about today is the Nerf Blastfire. It was part of the Nerf Airjet line back in the late 90s, and I remember wanting to get it because it reminded me so much of the guns I saw on the show, “Farscape.” It was large, five barrels, and semiautomatic. It had a twist, though. There was a large orange button on the top, and if you were primed and ready, if you opted to hit that button instead of pulling the trigger all five darts would shoot out at the same time! I termed a fire mode like this “Alpha strike” taken from BattleTech terminology for a fire mode where a mech will unload its entire ammo supply on something. So does the Blastfire.


It has a pretty decent range, but I tell you that a kneeslide paired with a meant for an instant hit. Not quite as efficient as a true shotgun would be, but effective all the same. The barrels fire sequentially top to bottom.

What you do is pull the green slide back and forth to ready the chambers. Pump 6 times and you’re locked and loaded. I’d probably say I could get 30 feet out of my stock blaster, and the trigger always fires. Comfy to hold with either one or two hands, this thing has had nothing else like it. The Hornet is the same idea, but the trigger I found too unreliable, not to mention it definitely does not hold as well as the Blastfire. If you get the chance, definitely grab it. Even stock, you’d be glad you did.

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