Most extensive one to date-




What you see above there is my most extensive mod to a nerf gun to date. It started with the disk shot blaster that comes with the whole target game skeet shooting set.

  • seen here
  • I’ve already closed her up, but I managed to double the spring intertwining the stock spring with a spring from an old busted up sharpshooter II I had. It managed to fit just fine, thankfully. It didn’t require me to cut anything shorter.

    However, this also meant that I needed to find a stronger small spring for the trigger catch, as I found the stock spring just didn’t… well… catch. It would go off regardless of whether I pulled the trigger or not. A spring I had from an dried up pen fit the bill just nicely. In fact, I doubled those up too in order to make it stay in place.

    The barrel is a stripped marker, and I was lucky enough to have a Rose Art marker which didn’t have the same stubs on the inside you would find with a crayola marker. Stubs = friction which makes for a sad, slow firing panda. I used some super glue and electrical tape to attach the barrel directly to the plunger.

    The plunger head I wrapped in electrical tape, and then put the o-ring over the e-tape in the hopes it creates a better seal. I can only hope. A little silicon lube on the plunger head then made things right as rain.

    You’ll see from the front of the gun I had to remove the orange muzzle when I replaced the barrel, the hole in the muzzle just did not accomodate the marker. After I took the above pics, I used a little mighty putty to reinforce the barrel in the gaps. So far, so good. Leaving out the muzzle piece also meant the barrel assembly inside would shift with each pull of the priming handle, and over time that could be a problem.

    I haven’t performed a full on range test, but there’s definitely an improvement over the stock blaster. The satisfying slam of an AR-free gun, the darts move faster, and there’s a little kick, which is nice. Even a little more lift on the dart when it exits the barrel, so you know it’s good. Either way, all in a day’s work. Now to get started on that longshot that I’ve been putting off for a while…

    Edit 04/06/09:

    Now with video!

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