News! First in awhile.

The link above will take you to nerfhaven, a fave site of mine (and handily linked to the right). The thread contains some early pics and pretty sweet info regarding a new nerf blaster, the Raider CS-35. Details are sketchy as to the actual performance of the blaster, but after 5 pages of speculation the thread had to be put down.

So let’s look at what we can figure:

1) I’m guessing the body and shape is taken from the WII Nstrike game, ( @ 0:24). Some differences include the priming handle along the underside of the barrel, not just a slide as the game suggests.

2) We see the 35-ROUND DRUM MAGAZINE. Yup. We thought the Vulcan had a lot of ammo to it. Good luck cleaning up! The drum mag looks to attach to the left side of the blaster, and it can be replaced with the more traditional 6 round mags. Yes, you nutjobs that want to, the press release makes it sound like the drum mag can be attached to other “CS” type blasters like the Longshot and the Recon. Why you would do that, I can only guess. At first I was excited to see this: but with the Raider in the future only good things can come of this.

More on this later, I think. It sounds badass for the pure number of rounds you have available without the need for batteries like the vulcan. Cumbersome, yes. Fun? Of course!

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