Longshot: CS-6 in review

Longshot CS-6
Ammo: new streamline darts
RoF: six shots/clip and bolt action = really fast.

One of the newest toys out right now is the Longshot CS-6. It is advertised as “the longest nerf blaster ever!” Part of the n-strike line, the Hasbro definitely seems to speak the truth with this blaster at roughly 3 ft. long.

For starters,the LS is composed of two weapons: rifle styled blaster and a front pistol that connects to the barrel, probably to keep with the theme dictated by the Titan/Unity Power system. the pistol is front-loaded, allowing one round before needing to reload. The rifle is an entirely different matter. it utilizes a clip system, not unlike the sawtooth and electric eel of years past. Six shots, and without the need for shells. The gun uses a bolt-action mechanism which loads the darts from the clip. pull back on the lever, fire, and pull again.

As can be expected from a clip-style weapon, the Rate of Fire is high. Depending on your phyisical abilities one should be able to empty a whole six shot clip in at least 3 seconds, and that is estimating on the slow side. Ranges depend on stock vs. modded. The highest recorded data on range is 97-100′, while stock the gun can get around 35 feet. Naturally, ranges can vary depending on the mods performed, dart ammo used, and outdoor conditions (if applicable.) Accuracy can be a little off as well, the new streamlined ammo tends to spiral widely upon firing.

The blaster comes with 2 clips, at six rounds apiece. There’s a rail for an included scope to attach, as well as an extendable stock that doubles as a holder for the second clip. The front sidearm also attaches and removes from the main longshot weapon quite easily.

Streamlined ammo is not readily available at this time but it is possible to convert stock ammo for use in a Longshot by removing the collar.

Aesthetically, I do love how the LS feels and moves when shooting, running, etc. The rail on top has since had an additional accessory released for it, a take-off on the light a Nite-Finder has. Don’t get excited it is no laser sight or anything just your basic red flashlight. Just the quirkiness of having a sight on a Nerf weapon was enough to sell me on it. Even stock, the gun is a heck of a lot of fun and in the end isn’t that enough?

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