ZING AIR HYPERSTRIKE Rundown: Guess who’s back? (Zing Bows are Back)


Take your backyard battles to a new level with HyperStrike, from Zing!

This ultimate bow and arrow set is perfect for either one-on-one or team-based fun and fast-paced competition. Designed with low profile bungee cords, these bows can launch arrows up to 250 feet! Simply hook the soft foam Zonic Whistle Arrow into the fast-load bungie loops, pull back, aim, and release! HyperStrike bows are available in two color patterns, camouflage and carbon fiber.

For ages 14+. Available: May 2019.

US: $29.99 US Retailer: Target

Zing is back with a new bow this year! They took a short break, but are now introducing a more “Player vs Player” oriented bow, the Hyperstrike. Hits max 250’+, soft arrow tips, and cool look.

PLOT TWIST: You can replace the bungees now! The bungees are also longer, and the arrows will be designed a little differently for easier pullback. They are also working on making it so the bows will accept accessories, such a lights and sights.

Target gets a head start selling these in May, Walmart and other retailers by Fall.

Watch for more coverage about this at New York Toy Fair later this week!